Signal to Noise Archives

Print magazine Signal to Noise has a set of online archives available with articles focusing on William Parker, Cecil Taylor, Sonny Murray, DJ Spooky and Matthew Shipp, and more.


Nicole Mitchell Carries on AACM Tradition

Jazz flautist Nicole Mitchell has traveled the world and played with many people, but is based in Chicago, home of the AACM and is currently leading her own group as well as performing with others.

Blurb: “Nicole Mitchell has performed with great musicians and composers including Ed Wilkerson, Leroy Jenkins, James Newton, Harrison Bankhead, Vincent Davis, Roscoe Mitchell, David Boykin, Ernest Dawkins, Malachi Favors, Fred Anderson, Hamid Drake, Fred Longberg-Holm, Josh Abrams, Douglas Ewart, Ari Brown, Joseph Jarman, Maggie Brown, Chad Taylor, Phil Nibloc, Michael Zerang and others.

Check out her site for a discography and audio samples.


Morgan Agren Web Site

On Agren’s site there are tour dates, an interview with Christian Vander, and stories about working with Frank Zappa.


Bob Drake News

From Bob’s site:

I’m mixing the new Science Group album. The violinist, Pedja Milosavljevic, had to cancel his session because he’s perpetually too busy for the forseeable future…c’est la vie. So I played a few of the parts originally intended for violin on guitar and Stevan will play some on synth or organ something. I’ll be finished with the mix and mastering in a few weeks and hopefully it will be released later this year.

BD – bass and a little bit of guitar.
Stevan Tickmayer – keyboards and electronics.
Chris Cutler – drums.
Mike Johnson – guitar.

I think Stevan’s Cold Peace Counterpoints, on which I played some guitar, bass, and drums, will also be released later this year finally at the same time as the new Science Group…I’ll keep you posted. Towering Inferno arrive here in mid-June for a recording session which will consist of David Kerman and Chris Cutler playing drums and percussion, something for the upcoming new TI album.


FIMAV 03 Retrospective

A look back at this year’s FIMAV festival is available. Reviews in both English and French.


Samla Mammas Manna in First U.S. Tour

Samla Mammas Manna finally makes it to the states playing only a few dates. Those confirmed are Chicago on August 27th and the Progday Festival in Chapel Hill North Carolina on August 30th. Possible dates in New York and Philadelphia are also in the works.