Ashley Fure Composer Portrait at Columbia Reviewed

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Source: The New York Times.

Things veered off course from the first downbeat on Thursday when Columbia University’s Miller Theater offered a composer portrait of Ashley Fure. At the start of “Something to Hunt,” the International Contemporary Ensemble’s violinist Ben Russell raised his bow and hovered it above his instrument’s strings, eyes fixed intently on the conductor David Fulmer. But when Mr. Fulmer gave the cue, it was as if Mr. Russell’s right arm obeyed some faulty muscle impulse: instead of drawing the hair across the strings in the space in between bridge and fingerboard, his bow swooped down through the air toward the violin’s scrolls, then settled on the end of the neck. From there the bow slowly glided up along the length of the strings, producing a furry whisper that contained only the faintest hint of violin-ness within it.

Musique Machine Reviews

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Source: Musique Machinee.

Band Ane – Amish Music Caravan
Nickolas Mohanna – Phase Line
Dead Body Collection – Remembrance Of Flesh, Memories Of Heaven
Morte Cammina – Blood Lust
RRR – Flesh Control
Driftmachine – Eis Heauton

Gapplegate Music Reviews

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Source: Gapplegate Music Review.

Naked Truth, Avian Thug
Art “Turk” Burton and Congo Square, Spirits: Then and Now, Featuring Ari Brown
Urs Bollhalder Trio, Eventide

All About Jazz Reviews

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A shot from a 2006 performance by Peter Brötzm...

Source: All About Jazz.

Konstrukt & Peter Brötzmann
The Message: Live At Kargart (Holidays Records)

Naked Truth
Avian Thug (RareNoiseRecords)

Michael Formanek’s Ensemble Kolossus
The Distance (ECM Records)

Spring Hill Jack
Three Treader releases conclude label’s first decade in fine style

Various Artists
The Boston Creative Jazz Scene 1970-1983 (Cultures Of Soul Records)

Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord
Make Magic Happen (Hot Cup Records)

Le Rex
Wild Man (Cuneiform Records)

A Closer Listen Reviews

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Source: A Closer Listen.

Joseph Sannicandro ~ A sea without a port
Magda Mayas ~ Terrain
Ennio Mazzon ~ Pavement Narrows
Paul Jebanasam ~ Continuum
Drombeg ~ Earthworks
Chemiefaserwerk ~ Trajet
Federico Durand ~ A Través del Espejo

ATTN:Magazine Reviews

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Source: ATTN:Magazine.

Ed Sanders – Yiddish Speaking Socialists of the Lower East Side
Rotorvator – Reliquies
Brave Timbers – Hope

Dusted in Exile Reviews

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Source: dusted in exile.

Wrekmeister Harmonies — Night of Your Ascension (Thrill Jockey)
Jon Rose/Veryan Weston/Hannah Marshall — Tuning Out (Emanem)
Kevin Drumm/Jason Lescalleet—Busman’s Holiday (Erstwhile)
Chippendale Gustafsson Pupillo – Melt (Trost)