New Releases from Subtext Recordings

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Source: Subtext Recordings.


Emptyset present a live recording of their performance project Signal, which explores the effects of atmospheric propagation and transmitted sound.

Developed over the course of 2014, the performance took place in Berlin on February 1st 2015. The project worked with long distance high frequency radio transmission in order to bounce audio composed of sine wave structures across the atmosphere, in a process that ornamented and shaped the signal in accordance with physical fluctuations in the ionosphere, atmospheric noise and solar radiation patterns.

The signal path for the performance transmitted the audio across a real-time 2000km circuit, routed from Berlin to Nauen 40km west of the city, where it was transmitted from the oldest operational transmission station in the world, received by the 1950’s French radio base Émetteur d’Issoudun and from there retransmitted and received at the performance space in Berlin. The multiple atmospheric bounces imprinted into the audio introduced complex transformations of sound.

The recording presents two excerpts from the live performance commissioned with support from Deutschlandradio and CTM. Signal will be released on Subtext Recordings on the 11th of September, both on vinyl and digitally.


The first self titled album from Emptyset is reissued. Released in 2009 the material formed the initial departure within Emptyset’s ongoing exploration of time, structure and analogue technology. The album highlights the projects development and the foundation of their studio based production process, forming the first part of a tryptic spanning across Demiurge, released in 2010 with Subtext and the 2013 raster-noton album Recur. The eponymous debut creates the first point within this narrative, initiating a dialogue between full frequency audio, noise and the emergent properties of sound, and the starting point for their contained sonic approach.

The album re-issue will be available on vinyl and digitally on the 28th of August 2015.

Yair Elazar Glotman

Classically trained composer and contrabass player expands on his work with James Ginzburg on “Nimbes” and his analog tape work as KETEV (Opal Tapes, Where to Now?) with a record exploring the hidden resonances of the contrabass.

Yair Elazar Glotman’s Études disrupts the subconscious processes and muscle memory learned as a classical contrabass player to interrogate his instrument, drawing out hidden resonances, physical vibrations, and explorations of uncharted territory of the instrument’s acoustic dynamic range. Within the ten pieces presented here, each a solo performance, he looks to develop a black box scenario for composition. Creating a separation between action and outcome, he escapes learned restraint, abandons former training, and develops a method by which concentration and control are translated into a visceral interaction with the bass, uncovering hidden sounds and building an expansive and dynamic sonic palette for the contrabass, beyond the confines of classical virtuosity.

Setola di Maiale New Releases

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Gino Robair
Gino Robair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Source: setola di maiale.

Magimc (Edoardo Marraffa, Thollem Mcdonas, Stefano Giust)
Area Sismica

Sabu Toyozumi / Luc Bouquet / Jean-michel Van Schouwburg

Massimo de Mattia

Ghost Trio (Marco Colonna, Sivia Bolognesi, Ivano Nardi)

Musimprop (Massimo Falascone, Roberto Del Piano, Paolo Falascone, Filippo Monico / Angelo Contini, Edoardo Ricci, Stefano Bartolini, Giancarlo ‘Nino’ Locatelli)
Unissued 91-92

Massa Sonora Concentrata (Gioele Tolu, Stefano Muscas / Alessandro Seravalle, Tiziano Milani, Gino Robair, Massimo Discepoli, Davide Merlino)

Sureau (Jean-michel Van Schouwburg, Jean Demey, Kris Vanderstraeten)

Mauro Basilio / Fabrizio Bozzi Fenu / Paolo Sanna
Le Point Triple DE L’eau

Important Records New Releases

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Source: Important Records.

Bass Communion / Freiband
Acid Mothers Temple – Benzaitan
Bill Horist – Mutei – Music for Davida Monk’s Dream Pavillion
Master Musicians of Bukkake – Further West Quad Cult

Mary Halvorson Interview

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Source: Burning Ambulance:

Guitarist Mary Halvorson is one of the most prolific artists on the current jazz/improv scene; she’s appeared on 65 albums since 2003, including several as a leader (she has a trio with bassist John Hébert and drummer Ches Smith, to which she adds horn players—trumpeter Jonathan Finlayson, saxophonists Jon Irabagon and Ingrid Laubrock, trombonist Jacob Garchik—to make a quintet or a septet). She’s been a member of groups led by Anthony Braxton, Taylor Ho Bynum, Trevor Dunn, Mike Reed, Marc Ribot, and many others, and participated in more improvisatory contexts with, it seems, half of New York’s avant-music community. Now, she’s releasing her first solo album, Meltframe, on the Firehouse 12 label.

August Tzadik Releases

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English: John Medeski. Concert with Medeski, M...

Source: Tzadik.

Blue Buddha : Blue Buddha

Tenor saxophonist Louie Belogenis plays with a luminous open heart, and a tone reminiscent of Albert Ayler. Cutting his teeth with masters such as Rashied Ali, Sunny Murray and Borah Bergman he has recorded several CDs under his own name, and now presents his most unique and adventurous group to date. Featuring an all-star ensemble of three of the most exciting musicians working today, this brilliant group performs as if part of a sacred ceremony, seamlessly weaving together diverse traditions. Uncompromising improvisational music that speaks to the spiritual.

John Zorn : The True Discoveries Of Witches And Demons

“The True Discoveries of Witches and Demons” is the second release by Zorn’s heavy new organ trio of John Medeski, Matt Hollenberg and Kenny Grohowski. Described as Tony Williams’ Lifetime on steroids, here they are joined by special guests Marc Ribot and Trevor Dunn to make the music even heavier and more intense. This is white hot, mind bending music filled with heavy riffs, fiery solos and improvisational madness. Three generations of musical explorers come together to rip your mind to shreds in the second installment from Zorn’s heaviest new ensemble Simulacrum.

DMG Newsletter August 21st, 2015

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English: Joe McPhee, moers festival 2010

From DMG:

John Zorn/John Medeski/Matt Hollenberg/Kenny Grohowsky + Marc Ribot/Trevor Dunn! Blue Buddha: Louis Belogenis/Dave Douglas/Bill Laswell/Tyshawn Sorey! Joe McPhee & Paal Nilsson-Love 7 CD Box Set!

IST [Simon H. Fell/Rhodri Davies/Mark Wastell] + John Zorn! Plus Mark Wastell With Keith Rowe + Burkhard Beins/John Butcher! John Russell with Evan Parker/John Edwards/Henry Lowther/Thurston Moore..! Garrison Fewell/Roy Campbell/Luther Gray! Skydive Trio!

Elliott Carter/Charles Ives! Brian Ferneyhough! Wolfgang Mitterer! Big Ned Rothenberg CD Sale! Historic Discs from: Ola Belle Reed! Randy Newman! Twink & the Technicolour Dream! Clear Light! Bert Jansch! Mars! The Telescopes! Tapper Zukie and Even More..!


The DMG FREE Weekly In-Store Concert Series Continues With:

Sunday, August 23rd:

Sunday, August 30th:
6pm: QEEI – Solo Drummer from Buenos Aires!

Sunday, September 20th – Hosted by Chris Pitsiokos

Darius Jones Interview

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From Burning Ambulance, Jones discusses his new album:

This album is about connections. How cultures connect. How people from one world connect to people from another world. But as we become more global and the lines that previously existed are being erased by technology, we find ourselves falling into more simplistic modes of communication. This can be deceptive. We think we’re communicating when, in fact, we’re making assumptions about how we perceive each other. We’re making frivolous connections forged by effortless interactions filtered through impersonal mechanical devices. We’re seeking confirmation that we’re all following the same path, that we’re correct in our desires, choices, and perceptions.