Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 21/2015

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Benoît Delbecq, synthetizers + computers

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

Hotend: Dan Clucas, Cor/ Mark Weaver, Tba/ Dave Wayne, Dr, Elec

Live Atangelica: Nicola Guazzaloca, P

Boris Hauf
the Peeled Eye: Boris Hauf, Bari Sax/ Martin Siewert, G/ Christian Weber, B/ Steve Heather, Dr

Red Toucan
the Ten Thousand Things: Simon Rose, Bari S, as/ Stefan Schultz, P

Beating the Teens: Ideal Bread-josh Sinton, Bari S/ Kirk Knuffke, Cor/ Adam Hopkins, B/ Tomas Fujiwara, Dr

Skull Sessions: Rob Mazurek Octet

Ecstasy: Raoul Bjorkenheim, El G/ Pauli Lyytinen, S, Kba/ Jori Huhtala, B/ Markku Ounaskari, Dr

Noah Preminger
Live at the 55 Bar: Noah Preminger, Ts/ Jason Palmer, Tp/ Kim Cass, B/ Ian Froman, Dr

If Nothing Else: Susana Santos Silva, Tp, Flghrn/ Torbjorn Zetterberg, B/ Hampus Lindwall, Org

Ticonderoga: Joe Mcphee, Ts, Ss, P/ Jamie Saft, P/ Joe Morris, B/ Charles Downs

Ink: Benoit Delbecq, P/ Miles Perkin, B/ Emile Biayenda, Dr, Perc

Art Turk Burton
Spirits Then &Amp; Now: Art Turk Burton and Congo Square, Featuring Ari Brown

A Noise From The Deep Podcast Episode 33: Amir El Saffar 

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Source: Greenleaf Music .

Amir El Saffar is playing with Two Rivers at Symphony Space on September 17. Other dates in the current tour can be found at AmirElSaffar.com. Festival of New Trumpet Music, from September 24 to 29 in New York, can be found at fontmusic.org. All music excerpts are from Amir’s new recording on Pi Recordings, Crisis.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 20/2015

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Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

Deric Dickens
Pallaksch!: Deric Dickens, Dr/ Jarrett Gilgore, Sax

the Observer: Bob Murad, P/ with Lots of Musicians

the Mister P Sessions: Sangeeta Michael Berardi, El G, Singing Bowls/ with Lots of Musicians

Calling Coltrane: Sangeeta Michael Berardi, G/ John Esposito, P, Dr/ James Finn, Ts, FL, Bells/ Hilliard Greene, B/ Peter O Brien, Dr

Howard Riley and Jaki Byard: Hr, P/ Jb, P

Maintenant: Lucia Ianniello, Tp, Flghrn/ Diana Torti, Vo/ Giuseppe LA Spina, G/ Paolo Tombolesi, Keyb, B, Perc

Jon Irabagon
Behind the Sky: Jon Irabagaon, Ts, Ss/ Luis Perdomo, P/ Yasushi Nakamura, B/ Rudy Royston, Dr/ Tom Harrell, Tp, Flghrn

Inaction Is an Action: Jon Irabagon, Sopranino Sax

Glance and Many Avenues: Gianni Mimmo, Ss/ Ove Volquartz, Bcl, Cbcl/ Gianni Lenoci, P/ Cristiano Calcagnile, Dr

El Negocito
Spontaneous Acts of Provocation: Kris Wanders, Ts/ Yusuke Akai, G/ Shoji Hano, Dr

Cycles: Steve Lacy, Ss

Our Lady of the Flowers: Matthew Shipp Quartet

Entropy/enthalpy: Harrison Bankhead, Benjamin Duboc, B/ Hamid Drake, Ramon Ropez, Dr, Perc

Maria Schneider
the Thompson Fields: Maria Thompson Orchestra

Olivia Block Audio Interview

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Source: Now Is Podcast.

On August 6th, Ben Remsen and Olivia Block spent a couple hours in the former’s apartment in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago, listening to eight tracks related in some way or another to her work. Here is what she had to say. To find out about Olivia’s recordings and performances, check out http://www.oliviablock.net.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 19/2015

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Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

Deric Dickens
Streams: Jarrett Gilgore, as/ Deric Dickens, Dr/ Jaimie Branch, Tp/ Brian Brunsman, B/ Ross Gallagher, B

Richard Nelson
Deep River: Richard Nelson Aardvark Jazz Orchestra

Phil Haynes
Sanctuary: Phil Haynes, Dr

Jim Hegarty
Stl Free Jazz Collective: Michael Castro, Vo/ Jay Dubz, as/ Jim Hegarty, P, Elec/ Mike Nelson, Tp/ Paul Steinbeck, El B/ Gary Sykes, Dr, Perc

Leo Records
What’s for Desert: Christian Lorenzen, Wurl, El P, Synth/ David Helm, B/ Dominik Mahnig, Dr

Pow Bee: Andrea Buffa, Ts, as/ Stefano Battaglia, P/ Fiorenzo Bodrato, B/ Dario Mazzucco, Dr

Drip Audio
a Day’s Life: Tony Wilson Sextet

Slam Productions
Improgressive: Errico DE Fabritiis, as, Ss/ Alberto Popolla, Cl, as, Bcl

Noel Taylor
Stones of Contention: Tommaso Vespo, P/ Antonio Aiello, B/ Noel Taylor, Cl/ Nicola Hein, G/ Ricardo Tejero, Sax/ Antonio Longo, Dr

Devin Gray
Relative Resonance: Devin Gray, Dr/ Kris Davis, P/ Chris Speed, Reeds/ Chris Tordini, B

from Wolves to Whales: Dnate Wooley, Tp/ Dave Rempis, as/ Pascal Niggenlemper, B/ Chris Corsano, Dr

Peter Sparacino
the Straphanger’s Playlist: Peter Sparacino, Ts/ Jay Jennings, Tp, Flghrn/ Aki Ishiguro, G/ Isamu Macgregor, Keyb/ Panagiotis Andreou, B/ Mauricio Zottarelli, Dr

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 18/2015

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From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Iskra 1903 Chapter One: Paul Rutherford, Derek Bailey, Barry Guy

John Russell with…: John Ruddell, Guitar with Various Musicans

Matt Lavelle
Sumari: Matt Lavelle, Tp, Cornet, Flglhrn, a Cl/ Jack Desalvo/ Tom Cabrera

Line Art Records
Bill Payne, Cl/ Eva Lindal, Vln/ Carol Leibowitz, P

Every Sunday: Jason Roebke, B/ Marcus Evans, Dr/ Matthew Schneider, G

a Kind of Zoo: Paulo Mesquita, P/ Pedro Oliveira, Dr

Friction: Daniel Levin, Cello/ Nate Wooley, Tpt/ Matt Moran, Vib/ Torbjorn Zetterberg, B

Urban Furrow: Frantz Loriot Manuel Perovic Notebook Large Ensemble

David Panton

Live at Aston University: One Music Ensemble

One Music Ensemble 1976 &Amp; 78: David Panton/ Anthony Pither/ Nick Solomon

Mike Mahaffay
East Meets West: Tres Gone Ensemble

Meta Records
13 Episodes: Susanna Dill/ Gilbert Paeffgen

Rich Halley
Creating Structure: Rich Halley4

35th Anniversary Moscow: Gratkowski/ Kruglov/ Nabatov/ Yudanov

Noisy People Podcast 10: Doug Lynner

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Serge modular synthesizer Worm Rotterdam, 24th...

From Noisy People:

My guest is analog synthesizer master Doug Lynner, who has performed evolving live compositions on the Serge Modular Synthesizer for over 40 years, as well as editing the classic electronic music magazine Synapse. As a student at CalArts in the early 70’s he glommed onto Serge’s brilliant realization of the modular synthesis concept and never let go, over the course of the next 40 years working steadily on the Serge Modular synthesizer, creating living synthesis compositions, and helping, through his electronic music magazine Synapse to keep alive a culture of analog synthesis that lives and burns ever brighter today.