Noisy People Podcast: Roscoe Mitchell

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English: Roscoe Mitchell, moers festival 2009

From Noisy People:

I’m really happy that Barbara Golden and I could collaborate on this show, and re-publish her fascinating interview with Roscoe Mitchell, the saxophonist, composer, and leading light of the legendary Art Ensemble of Chicago. Barbara interviewed Roscoe, who teaches now at Mills College in Oakland, for her once-a-month 3-hour radio show on KPFA-FM in Berkeley, “Crack O’Dawn”. The full show, originally broadcast on April 3, 2015, includes a slightly longer cut of the interview, as well as two and a half hours of Roscoe’s music.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 10/2015

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English: Bobby Bradford, moers festival 2008
Bobby Bradford

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Spirit Farm: Christophe DE Bezenac, Ts/ Adam Fairhall, P/ Anton Hunter, El G/ Johnny Hunter, Dr/ Dave Kane, / Corey Mwamba, Vib, Glkspl, Etc

Indu: Claudio Vignali, P, Keyb, Synth/ Andrea Grillini, Dr

Oa: Hugh Behm_steinberg &Amp; Matt Davignon+others, Vo, Electronic Music

Abstract Elastic Being: Ralf Altrieth, Ss, FL, Vo/ Nicolas Talbot, B/ Mike Surguy, Dr/ Hasse Poulsen, Dr

Saturn’s Rival: Maxwell Gualtieri, G/ Susan Allen, Harp/ Richard Valitutto, P/ Ryan Parrish, Winds/ Anjilla Piazza, Perc

Muriel Grossmann
Earth Tones: M Grossmann, Ss/ Radomir Milojkovic, G/ Robert Landfrmann, B/ Christian Lillinger, Dr

Anthropocene: Katrine Schiott, Cello/ Xavier Charles, Cl/ Jan Martin Gismervik, Dr/ Jonas Cambien, P

Charles Evans
on Beauty: Charles Evans, Bari Sax/ David Liebman, Ss/ Ron Stabinsky, P/ Tony Marino, B

Yoko Miura
Cielo2: Yoko Miura, P

Tandem: Bobby Bradford, Cornet/ John Carter, Cl

Scorpion Eater: Tony Malaby Tubacello

Mark Lomax
Isis &Amp; Orisis: M Lomax, Dr/ Edwin Bayard, Ts/ Dean Hulett, B

Patrick Battstone
the Last Taxi: Pbattstone, P/ Todd Brunel, Bcl/ Richard Poole, Dr, Vibs/ Chris Rathbun, B

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 09/2015

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Mikko Innanen at moers festival 2007
Mikko Innanen at moers festival 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Edgetone Records
Tor: Drew Ceccato, Sax/ Tommy Babin, B/ Chris Golinski, Dr

Cabages, Captain, &Amp; King: Jon Arkin, Dr: Karl Evangelista, G/ Eli Wallace, P

Kellari Trio: Heikki Koskinen, E Tp/ Mikko Innanen, as, Bari Sax, FL/ Teppo Hauta-aho, B, Cello

VA Fongool
Will It Float: Jon Russell, G/ Steve Beresford, Elec/ John Edwards, B/ Stale Liavik Solberg, Dr, Perc

I Never Meta Guitar 3: Elliott Sharp, G

Nice Folks: Paul Elwood Ensemble

Hannes Buder
Changes Ii: Hannes Buder, G

Editions Mélisse
LA Ligne DE Karman: Jean Kapsa, P/ Antoine Reininger, B/ Maxime Fleau, Dr

Ryan Truesdell
Line of Color: Ryan Truesdell Gil Evans Project

Leo Records
Encounters: Luc Houtkamp, Ts, as/ Simon Nabatov, P/ Martin Blume, Dr

Red Toucan
Extremes: Evan Parker, Ts/ Paul Dunmall, Ts/ Tony Bianco, Dr

El Negocito
Sweet Defeat: Tom Wouters/ Lode Vercampt/ Bert Dockx

Angel City: Roscoe Mitchell, Sax, FL, Etc Etc/ James Fei, Saxes, Cl, Etc Etc/ William Winant, Dr, per, Bells, Etc Etc

Jacc Records
Fail Better: Marcelo Dos Reis, El Guitar/ Joao Guimaraes, as/ Jose Miguel Pereira, B/ Joao Pais Filipe, Dr/ Luis Vicente, Tp

PDX Eye & Ear Control Episode 2: Doug Detrick

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From PodOmatic:

PDX Eye and Ear Control is an occasional interview podcast brought to you by the Creative Music Guild, a non-profit organization that promotes and supports creative, experimental music in Portland, OR. Hosted by Ben Kates and Brandon Conway, PDX Eye and Ear Control features mostly local musicians mostly discussing their work. In this episode we speak with trumpeter, composer and executive director of the Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 08/2015

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English: Japanese avant-garde jazz pianist and...
Satoko Fujii

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Ask7: Michael Vlatkovich Septet

Elasticity: Mark Weber, Poetry/ M Vatkovich, Tbn/ Carol Sawyer, Vo/ Steve Bagnell, Ts, Bcl/ Lisa Miller, P/ Clyde Reed, B

Otzir Godot
Drum Poems: Otzir Godot, Dr

in: Otzir Godot, Perc

Hamir Atwal
Hamir &Amp; Ben: Hamir Atwal, Dr/ Ben Goldberg, Cl

Carsten Dahl
Goldberg Variations: Carsten Dahl, Prepared Piano

the Rotary
Three Thirty Four: Circadian Rythm Kings

Jeff Platz
Sour Grapes: Jeff Platz, G/ Jim Hobbs, as/ Luther Gray, Dr/ Timo Shnko, B

Howl Arts
Creole Continuum: Various Artists

Circum Disc
Uminari: Christian Pruvost, Tp/ Natsuki Tamura, Tp/ Satoko Fujii, P/ Peter Orins, Dr

Hikoi/journey: Richard Nunns/ Paul Dyne/ Dave Lisik

Beginner’s State of Mind: Paolo Porta, Ts/ Alessandro Maiorino, B/ Alessandro Minetto, Dr

Silent in the Murmur: Stefan Wistrand’s the Electric Mz

Sf Records
to a Planet: Rolling Jazz Revue

Suite of Dreams: George Haslam, Bari Sax, Cl, Tgto/ Richard Leigh Harris, P/ Steve Kershaw, B

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 07/2015

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Orrin Evans
Orrin Evans

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Slate Blue: Ab Baars, Ts, Cl, Shakuhachi/ Wilbert DE Joode, B/ Martin Van Duynhoven, Dr

Invisible Blow: Ab Baars Trio and NY Guests

Nick Sanders
You Are a Creature: Nick Sanders Trio

Protest Music: Yoni Kretzmer, Ts/ Pascal Niggenkemper, B/ Weasel Walter, Dr

Illusion of Truth: Daniel Levin, Cello: Juan P Carletti, Dr

Leo Records
Eighteen Ways to Miss Egypt: Christoph Baumann, P/ Jaques Siron, B, Vo/ Dieter Ulrich, Dr, Bugle

Free Trees: Hugues Vincent, Cello/ Vladimir Kudryavtsev, B/ Maria Logofet, Vln

El Negocito
Live in Milano: Ricardo Luppi’s Mure Mure

Keenroh: Jan Daelman, FL/ Thijs Troch, P

Not Two
Seizures Palace: Cactus Truck-John Dikeman, as, Ts/ Jasper Stadhouders, B, G/ Onno Govaert, Dr

Rudresh Mahanthappa
Bird Calls: R Mahanthappa, as/ Adam O Farill, Tp/ Matt Mitchell, P/ Francois Moutin, B/ Rudy Royston, Dr

Fanon: Orrin Evans, P/ Eric Revis, B/ Nasheet Waits, Dr/ Oliver Lake, as/ Marc Ducret, G

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 06/2015

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English: Richard Nunns in September 2011.
Richard Nunns

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Vampyroteuthis Infernalis: Luiz Moretto Quintet

El Negocito
Sweet Defeat: Tom Wouters/ Lode Vercampt/ Bert Dockx

Spontaneous Acts of Provocation: Kris Wanders, Ts/ Yusuke Akai, G/ Shoji Hano, Dr

LA Poesiaes: Bart Maris, Tp/ Quentin Biardeau, Ss, Ts/ Valentin Ceccadi, Cello/ Gabriel Lemaire, as, Bari Sax, Cl

Timely: Glenn Wilson Band

Epicenter: Chris Lightcap‘s Bigmouth

Hymn for a Hungry Nation: Freinds &Amp; Neighbors

from Wolves to Whales: Wooley/ Rempis/ Niggenkemper/ Corsano

Cloud Riding: Luca Segala Quintet

Slam Productions
Beginner’s State of Mind: Paolo Porta, Ts/ Alessandro Maiorino, B/ Alessandro Minetto, Dr

Rattle Records
This Appearing World: Marylin Crispell, P/ Richard Nunns, Tango Puaoro/ Jeff Henderson, Reeds