5049 Records Podcast: Hank Shteamer

From 5049 Records:

Hank Shteamer is a musician and author who has been living in New York City for the better part of fifteen years. He plays drums in the band STATS and is the senior music editor for Time Out New York. For this talk, Hank and I discuss his time at WKCR, adversarial relationships between musicians and critics, and his current campaign to raise funds to reissue the first three records by his favorite band, Craw.

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5049 Records Podcast: Sylvie Courvoisier

Swiss pianist Sylvie Courvoisier, performing a...

Swiss pianist Sylvie Courvoisier

From 5049 Records.

Sylvie Courvoisier is a pianist and improviser of stunning virtuosity and precision. Her playing is marked by tremendous technique and an advanced sense of harmony. She has worked closely with Ikue Mori, John Zorn, Mark Feldman, Susie Ibarra and many others. Two weeks ago I traveled to her home in Brooklyn to trace her history from being the daughter of a weekend jazzer in Switzerland to being one of New York’s fiercest musicians.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 11/2014

Mark Helias

Cover of Mark Helias

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Peter Van Huffel
Boom Crane: Peter Van Huffel, as, Cl/ Michael Bates, B/ Jeff Davis, Dr

House of Mirrors: Sophie Tassigon, Vo/ Peter Van Huffel, Cl, as, Ss/ Julie Sassooon, P/ Miles Perkin, B

New Artists
Deep Friendship: Connie Crothers, P/ Richard Tabnik, as/ Roger Mancuso, Dr/ Ken Filiano, B

Lena Bloch
Feathery: Lena Bloch, Ts/ Dave Miller, G/ Cameron Brown, B/ Billy Mintz, Dr

Sara Serpa
Primavera: Sara Serpa, Vo, P, Fender Rhodes/ André Matos, G, El B, Cymbal

Glad to Be Unhappy: Stefano Mangia, Vo, Melodica/ Adolfo LA Volpe, G, Elec/ Giorgio Distante, Tp, Live Elec

Traces &Amp; Ghosts: Umberto Petrin, P

No Business
Grey Matter: Christine Wodrascka, P/ Jean Luc Cappozzo, Tp, Bugle/ Gerry Hemingway, Perc

Red Toucan
9 Compositions for the Multiple Joy(ce) Ensemble by Matthias Schubert

Circus: Ambush Party

Jimmy Bennington
One More Beautiful Ballad: Jbennington, Dr/ Daniel Carter, as, Ts, Ss/ Ed Schuller, B

Tone Hunting: Anna Kaluza, as/ Artur Majewski, Tp/ Rafal Mazur, Bass Guitar/ Kuba Suchar, Dr, Perc, Kba

Colorado at Clinton: D Gonzalez, Tpt/ a Gonzalez, B/ Stefan Gonzalez, Dr/ a Mittal, as

John Irabagon
It Takes all Kinds: Jon Irabagon, Ts/ Mark Helias, B/ Barry Altschul, Dr

5049 Records Podcast: Miguel Frasconi

From 5049 Records:

Miguel Frasconi is a unique and very thoughtful musician. His musical roots run deep in the experimental tradition of New York City and his instrument of choice, glass, is a clear reflection of that. After spending many years living on the West Coast, Miguel returned to New York ten years ago to care for a sick parent and to put down some new musical roots. The last few years have been very challenging for him and after a lot personal hardship, he is on the verge of releasing some new and exciting music. This is a great talk that goes to some very touching and personal places.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 10/2014

Kidd Jordan

Cover of Kidd Jordan

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

to Future Memories-the Music of Antti Hytti: Juhani Aaltonen, Ts, FL, B FL/ Iro Haarla, P, Harp/ Ulf Krokfors, B/ Ville Herrala, B/ Reino Laine, Dr/ Tatu Ronkko, Perc

and It Happened-the Music of Henrik Otto Donner: Juhani Aaltonen, Ts, FL/ Johanna Livanainen, Vo/ Miko Hassinen, Conductor/ Henrik Otto Donner, Conductor + Tumorchestra

Danny Fox
Wide Eyed: Danny Fox Trio

Pete Mills
Sweet Shadow: the Project Features Some of the Brightest Voices in Jazz Today, Guitarist Pete Mccann, Drummer Matt Wilson, Bassist Martin Wind and a New Voice, Pianist Erik Augis

Hipsters Gone Ballistic: Gijs Levelt – Trumpet Tobias Klein – Alto Saxophone,clarinets Jasper Stadhouders – Guitar Goncalo Almeida – Bass Philipp Moser – Drums

No Business
Hasparren: Daunik Lazro, Bari Sax/ Joelle Léandre, B, Vo

Trio and Duo in New Orleans: Kidd Jordan, Sax/ Alvin Fielder, Dr/ Peter Kowald, B

Unrecorded Beam: Billy Bottle &Amp; the Multiple

the Harvest: Adam Page, Ts, Looping, Effects/ James Brown, G/ John Psathas, Comp

Forest Stories: Tania Giannouli (Piano) Paulo Chagas (Alto and Soprano Saxophones, Bass and Sopranino Clarinets, Flute, Bamboo Flute)

Rich Halley
Crossing the Passes: Rich Halley, Ts/ Mike Vlatkovich, Tbn/ Clyde Reed, B/ Carson Halley, Dr

Gaffer Records
Nails: Tim Hill, as, Bari S, Snino S/ Alex Ward, El G/ Dom Lash, B/ Mark Sanders, Dr

5049 Records Podcast: Ches Smith

English: Photograph of percussionist, Ches Smi...

Ches Smith

From 5049 Records:

Ches Smith is an intensely talented drummer and a true road dog. He’s been touring for over fifteen years with Secret Chiefs 3, Xiu-Xiu, Tim Berne, Ben Goldberg, Mr Bungle, John Zorn and many others. He’s one of the most in demand drummers around and for good reason- he fucking rules. For this talk Ches and I discuss heavy touring, balancing family and music life, and his introduction to Haitian music.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 09/2014

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Graham Collier
Luminosity-the Last Suites: Graham Collier’s Last Two Compositions on a Double Disc Album

Bruce Friedman | Alan Cook
Base 4: Bruce Friedman, Tp/ Derek Bomback, G/ Alan Cook, Dr, Perc

Between the Lines
Itinéraire Bis: Double Trio DE Clarinettes

the Braxtornette Project: Pierre Borel, as/ Louis Laurain, Tp/ Antonio Borghini, B/ Tobias Backhaus, Dr

Corrie Van Binsbergen
Self Prtrait in Pale Blue: Cvb on Guitar

Mike Mahaffay
Escape Velocity: Mike Mahaffay and Tres Gone Ensemble+John Dykstra and His Chamber Group

Josef Dumoulin
Fender Rhodes Solo: Josef Dumoulin, Fender Rhodes

Noel Taylor
Cloudseed: Splatter with Rafal Mazur

Away at Home: John Stevens’s Away

Gregg Simpson
New Orchestra Quintet Complete Recordings 1978-79

5049 Records Podcast: Jim Black

From 5049 Records:

American drummer Jim Black, performing with th...

American drummer Jim Black

Jim Black is a cat. He’s been on the scene a long time, playing drums in several of the most important bands to come out of Brooklyn in the past two decades. He’s travelled the world and for this episode Jim and I sit down to discuss the state of a crumbling music industry, maintaining long-term relationships both musical and personal, and growing as a musician. This is a good one so strap in.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 08/2014

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Mark Helias

Cover of Mark Helias

John Irabagon
It Takes all Kinds: Jon Irabagon, Ts/ Mark Helias, B/ Barry Altschul, Dr

Emilgustafsorennulle on Facebook
Emil DE Waal+gustaf Lunggren/ Soren Kjaergaard/ Elith Nykjaer

Dragon Nat: Natsuki Tamura, Tp

Natura Morta
Decay: Franz Loriot, Vla/ Sean Ali, B/ Carlo Costa, Dr

Gron: Henrik Walsdorff, as/ Adam Pultz Melbye, B/ Kasper Tom Christiansen, Dr

Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe: Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe

Gaffer Records
in St Johann: the Ames Room

Knyst!: Kasper Vaernes, as/ Christian M S, B/ Andread Wildhagen, Dr

and It Ended Badly: Dead Neanderthals

Fyodor D
Materico: Marco Franceschetti, Ts, Cl/ Sergio Prada, G/ Paolo Benzoni, Dr

and the Cowgirls Kept on Dancing: Albert Van Veenendaal, P/ Alan Purves, Perc, Toys

Deric Dickens
Oh Lovely Appearance: Deric Dickens, Dr/ Kirk Knuffke, Cornet/ Jesse Lewis, G

5049 Records Podcast: Ben Goldberg

From 5049 Records.

Ben Goldberg

Ben Goldberg (Photo credit: michaelz1)

Ben Goldberg is a clarinetist of astounding virtuosity, depth and sensitivity. His music has had a profound effect on me since first encountering it at age 19 and any chance to hear Ben play is revelatory experience. For this talk Ben and I go deep, real deep as we discuss the ongoing struggle inherent to playing clarinet, the weight of tradition, and living a balanced life. I couldn’t be more proud of how this podcast turned out and I hope that you all get as much out of listening to it as I did making it.