5049 Records Podcast: Judith Berkson

From 5049 Records:

Judith Berkson is a fabulously talented vocalist and keyboard player. Her sound, which is based very much in her background as a cantor, has a clarity that is all too rare. For this talk, Judith and I explore her history, from her early days as a cantor to her time at NEC, where she studied with Joe Maneri.

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Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 26/2014

Han Bennink in Austin Texas April 2006

Han Bennink in Austin Texas April 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Music for Reeds &Amp; Electronics: Jorrit Dijkstra, as, Elec/ Phillip Greenlief, as, Ts, Cl/ Kyle Bruckmann, Oboe, Eng Hrn, Elec/ Franck Gratkowski, Cl, as/ Jon Raskin

the Whammies Vol 3: Jorrit Dijkstra, as/ Pandelys Karayorgis, P/ Jeb Bishop, Tbn/ Mary Oliver, Vln, Vla/ Jason Roebke, B/ Han Bennink, Dr

Vlatko: M Vlatkovich, Tbn/ Tom Mcnalley, El G/ Dominic Genova, El B/ John Vatos Hernandez, Dr

Here &Amp; Here &Amp; Here: Mvlatkovich, Tbn/ Anna Homler, Vo, Perc/ Jeff Kaiser, Tp, Flghrn/ Scott Walton, B/ Rich West, Dr, Perc

Cortex: Thomas Johansson, Cornet/ Kristoffer Alberts, Reeds/ Ola Hoyer, B/ Gard Nilssen, Dr

Balance: Joe Morris, G/ Mat Maneri, Vla/ Chris Lightcap, B/ Gerald Cleaver, Dr

Setola Di Maiale
Transition: Nils Gerold, FL/ Nicola Guazzaloca, P/ Stefano Giust, Dr

the Summary of 5: Heinz Geisser, Perc, Kalimba/ Fridolin Blumer, B/ Reto Staub, P/ Robert Morgenthaler, Tbn

Go South: Franziska Baumann, Vo/ Jusg Solothurmann, Ss, as/ Christoph Baumann, P/

Graham Collier
Luminosity-the Last Suites

Fanon: Tarbaby with Oliver Lake and Marc Ducret

François Carrier
the Russian Concerts: François Carrier, as/ Michel Lambert, Dr/ Alexey Lapin, P

5049 Records Podcast: Uri Caine

Uri Caine

Cover of Uri Caine

From 5049 Records:

Uri Caine is a pianist and composer of the highest order. He is a native son of Philly who has been living in New York since the mid 80s and has worked with everyone from John Zorn to Philly Joe Jones, Dave Douglas to Hank Mobley. Uri is an absolute master and it is an honor to welcome him onto the show.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 25/2014

Dave Liebman

Cover of Dave Liebman

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Phil Haynes
No Fast Food: Phil Haynes, Dr: Dave Liebman, Sax, FL/ Drew Gress, B

Thomas Maintz
Present: Thomas Maintz, G/ Scott Colley, B/ Jonathan Blake, Dr

Ken Thomson
Settle: Ken Thomson, Bcl, as/ Russ Johnson, Tp/ Nir Felder, G/ Adam Armstrong, B/ Fed Kennedy, Dr

Basement Sessions 3: Jonas Kulhammer, Sts, Soprillo S, FL/ Jorgen Mathisen, Ts: Torbjorn Zetterberg, B/ Espen Aalberg, Dr

Live in Ljubljana: Adam Lane’s Full Trhottle Orchestra

Belleke: Joachim Badenhorst, Bcl, Cl, Ts/ Frantz Loriot, Vla/ Pascal Niggenkemper, B

Plasmic: Agnes Heginger, Vo/ Elisabeth Harnik, P/ Uli Winter, Clo/ Fredi Proll, Dr

Papilio Noblei: Rank Ensemble

Reverie: Ivo Perelman, Ts/ Kerl Berger, P

Kit Demos
a General History of Flame: Kit Demos, B, El B/ Jeff Platz, G/ Charlie Kohlhase, Bari Sax, Ts/ Tod Brunel, Bcl, Cl/ Pandelis Karayorgis, Wurlitzer Piano

Klaxon Mutant Allstars
Robot Invasion: Klaxon Mutant Allstars

Aut Records
Jargal: Luciano Caruso, Ss, Keyb/ Giogio Pacorig, Fender Rhodes, Vo/ Nello Da Pont, Dr

Refractions: Nick Granville, G/ Roger Manins, S/ Olivier Holland, B/ Ron Samson, Dr

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 24/2014

Gino Robair

Gino Robair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Pko Records
Courage Music: Ellen Rowe Quintet

Setola Di Maiale
Thollem/robair: Gino Robair, Perc/ Thollem Electric, Rhodes, Analog Effects

Ost Quartet: Nico Soffiato, G/ Eli Asher, Tp/ Greg Chudzik, B/ Devin Gray, Dr

Dave Fabris
Lettuce Grey: Dave Fabris, G/ Featuring Ran Blake

Gordon Beeferman
out in Here: Gordon Beeferman, P/ James Ilgenfritz, B/ Michael Evans, Dr

Pharoah &Amp; the Underground

Signal Problems: Danny Gouker, Tpt/ Eric Trudel, Ts/ Adam Hopkins, B/ Nathan Ellman-bell, Dr

Tandem: Bobby Bradford, Cornet/ John Carter, Cl

Bruce Friedman | Alan Cook
Base 4: Bruce Friedman, Tp/ Derek Bomback, G/ Alan Cook, Dr, Perc

Fmr | Music on the Edge
Pyongyang Express: Pete Whyman, as, Ss/ Frank Van Der Kooij, Ts/ Chris Caldwell, Bari Sax

Delta Saxophone Quartet: Graeme Belvins, Ss/ Chris Caldwell, Bari Sax/ Tim Holmes, Ts/ Pete Whyman, as

Overground to the Vortex: F Carrier, as/ M Lambert, Dr/ John Edwards, B/ Steve Beresford, P

5049 Records Podcast: Chris Corsano

From 5049 Records.

Chris Corsano is a brilliant and virtuosic percussionist who has worked with everyone from Thurston Moore to Daniel Carter, Nate Wooley to Bjork. He’s an improviser, a thinker and a hell of a guy. For this talk Chris and I get into it, swapping stories of playing with Jandek, improvisiong in New York and raising hell.