Mike Pride Interview

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From Jazz Right Now:

Mike Pride may have moved out of New York City proper, but he is no less involved in the creative music scene. In fact, in the first half of 2015, Pride has a flurry of exciting and diverse new releases including 2 by Period, a self-titled release by Pulverize the Sound, Raoul with the group Spanish Donkey, and Listening Party, his long-awaited debut solo release. As always, Pride is pushing the boundaries while defying definition as an artist. As one of creative music’s great mavericks over the past 15 years, Pride has established himself despite being from a generation that is crowded with drum talent. Building on some of the revolutionary work that figures such as Jim Black pioneered in the 1990s, Pride has also pushed forward along his own path while drawing from an array of genres as diverse as metal, punk, noise, and classic jazz. Today, Pride remains one of the most interesting and unpredictable improvisers in New York, and his new records all deserve serious attention.

Noisy People Podcast: Jon Raskin

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From Noisy People:

I talk with Jon Raskin of ROVA Saxophone Quartet, about long-term collaboration, language poets, graphic scores, jaw harps and more.

Nels Cline on the Echoes Podcast

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From Echoes:

Nels Cline is best known as the guitarist with Wilco, but long before he joined that band he had a burgeoning solo career as a an outside jazz guitarist. He still maintains that path with groundbreaking albums with his group the Nels Cline Singers and experimental work that pushes the boundaries of electric guitar. In between sets at the Big Ears Festival where he rewired the audience’s heads with fractured guitar synapses, he reflects on a career that embraces the contemplative and the chaotic and complains about the street musician outside his window.

Interview with William Basinski

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From Headphone Commute:

I’m still exploring the catalogue of loops I created in a frenzy of activity many years ago… these are my “patches”, if you will. Also, a recent development – I’ve managed to get rid of the guest bedroom and have installed the synth studio from Arcadia that’s been stacked up in my garage here in LA for 7 years. We are in the process of trouble-shooting and sending out for repairs as well as looking at options for a new console that can go into the computer so that I can have access to those babies again for sound design and new work I can’t do with tape loops. The Voyetra 8 fired right up so that’s exciting!

Mats Lindström Interviewed About Akos Rózmann

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Svenska: Ákos Rózmann

From Sounds Of A Tired City:

Ákos Rózmann (1939-2005) was a Hungarian composer and organist. He was born in Budapest but spent most of his life in Stockholm, Sweden. Throughout his life he dedicated himself to musique concréte, developing one of the largest and most rewarding bodies of work in the most alchemical of all musical genres. In the early 80s, he started to build a private electroacoustic studio in a church, whilst continuing to work at the Elektronmusikstudion (EMS Sweden), where he produced his earlier pieces. No matter how prolific and unique sound legacy he created, Rózmann’s name was basically unknown until Stephen O’Malley’s Ideologic Organ label (operating under Editions Mego) started to revisit and release his oeuvre. In 2014, they presented the complete version of his epic masterpiece ‘12 Stations / Tolv Stationer‘ for the first time in its entirety as a deluxe 7CD set. This finally gave his music the well-deserved attention, and also offered numerous opportunities for Mats Lindström (Studio Director of EMS) to present Rózmann’s work in front of a wider audience worldwide. We were lucky enough to witness one of these astonishing performances in Malmö, Sweden during the Intonal Festival, and also had the honour to talk to Mats about this mysterious Hungarian composer.

Tyondai Braxton Interview

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English: Tyondai_Braxton, moers festival 2008


Before Tyondai Braxton, the experimental musician and composer, could complete his new album, “HIVE1,” he had to find himself in a machine. The project, which started as an installation and performance at the Guggenheim in 2013 before making its way to the Sydney Opera House, is built around a warped backbone of uneven percussion — thwacking woodblocks, bursts of pitter-pattering snares — but finds its voice, sans vocals, in the robotic moans and whirrs of a modular synthesizer.

Jason Eckardt Interview

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From International Contemporary Ensemble:

On Tuesday, May 19 at Roulette, ICE and the JACK Quartet with soloists Tony Arnold (soprano), Jay Campbell (cello), and Jordan Dodson (guitar) perform works from Jason Eckardt’s new CD “Subject” (Tzadik Records) as well as “Necronomicon” and the world premiere of “Autumn Rhythm” by Tzadik founder John Zorn. “Subject” releases on 26 May and can be preordered here. In a conversation with ICE flutist Alice Teyssier, Eckardt speaks about “Tongues” (featured on “Subject”), his writing process, recorded vs. live performance, and more.​