Jemeel Moondoc Interview

Jemeel Moondoc

Cover of Jemeel Moondoc

From Burning Ambulance:

Alto saxophonist Jemeel Moondoc first came to prominence on the New York loft jazz scene of the mid-1970s, as leader of the band Muntu. But he started out in Chicago, then moved to Boston, and then to Antioch College in Ohio in the early part of the decade, where he spent two years working with Cecil Taylor. (Moondoc was never a student, but he was nonetheless part of Taylor’s ensembles there.) In 1973, he moved to New York.

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Jim Hobbs Interview

From Jazz Right Now:

The exciting and fiery alto saxophonist Jim Hobbs is playing four nights at Douglass Street Music Collective starting Wednesday, August 20. Having developed a take-no-prisoners reputation with his playing and composing among numerous groups in Boston, this groundbreaking artist remains under-appreciated on the New York scene. Having led the Fully Celebrated for a number of years, Hobbs has orchestrated a number of exciting releases with that band and in other contexts. His four nights of performances this week are a great chance for New Yorkers and Brooklynites to get out and hear his latest music.

5049 Records Podcast: Chris Corsano

From 5049 Records.

Chris Corsano is a brilliant and virtuosic percussionist who has worked with everyone from Thurston Moore to Daniel Carter, Nate Wooley to Bjork. He’s an improviser, a thinker and a hell of a guy. For this talk Chris and I get into it, swapping stories of playing with Jandek, improvisiong in New York and raising hell.

Interview with Ken Vandermark

English: Ken Vandermark, moers festival 2010

English: Ken Vandermark, moers festival 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Feral Audio:

Ken Vandermark is a brilliant Jazz musician who has been awarded the MacCarthur Genius Fellowship for composing. He joins CWMD for a very impassioned conversation about how artists are viewed in America, the challenge of pushing yourself to say something new each night on stage, the differential of what creative people are trying to accomplish and what they achieve and the how society judges work based on worth. Vandermark is a force and anyone creative or interested in art and music should not miss the episode.  Anyone who is creative or interested in creativity should listen to this episode.

5049 Records Podcast: Matt Mitchell

From 5049 Records:

Matt Mitchell is an extremely talented and virtuosic pianist out of Philly who has made major waves in the last few years. He plays with Tim Berne, Dave Douglas, Ches Smith and many others and released his first record, Fiction, in 2013 on the Pi label. This is a good talk with a serious dude.

An Interview With Death Shanties’ Alex Neilson

From The Quietus:

Alex Neilson’s CV reads like a who’s who of contemporary underground music. A regular collaborator with Richard Youngs, Jandek, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Current 93, Josephine Foster and Baby Dee, the Yorkshire-born, Glasgow-based drummer was also a driving force in the expansive free-folk collective Scatter. In addition to the free jazz duo Tight Meat, Neilson led his own collaborative project, Directing Hand. Yet when launched his folk-rock troupe Trembling Bells around five years ago, Neilson claimed to have reached an impasse with free music, preferring to concentrate on his songwriting. With a new Trembling Bells album in the can and an EP by his medieval and Renaissance influenced a capella group the Crying Lion on the way, Neilson remains bewitched by song. However, the past year has seen him reconnect with free music, playing with Japanese undergound legend Kan Mikami and jamming with alumni of London’s Cafe Oto, including Thurston Moore, bass maestro John Edwards and Sons of Kemet’s Shabaka Hutchings. The main conduit for this renewed interest has been Death Shanties, a mixed-media free jazz group with Dutch saxophonist Sybren Renema (pictured, top) and artist Lucy Stein, whose live projections add another dimension to their concerts. Following last year’s self-released CD-R, Nunatak, the trio has released their debut album proper, Crabs [which you can listen to in full via the embed below]. Refracting fire music through a singular sense of British weirdness, it’s one of the most distinctive underground albums of the year.

5049 Records Podcast: Christopher McIntyre

From 5049 Records:

In the tradition of downtown musicians, composer/trombonist Chris McIntyre has been in New York for close to twenty years interpreting the work of modern composers, improvising with a broad range of musicians, curating concert series and organizing new music ensembles. To say that he leads a multi-faceted career would be an understatement. His work has been of great benefit to his community and for this conversation I was curious to find out more about Chris and how he began putting concerts together.