AMN Reviews and Interviews: March 2014

Colin Edwin

Cover of Colin Edwin

Last month we’ve published the following reviews and interviews:


Bore – Issue 2
Maile Colbert – Come Kingdom Come (Two Acorns)
Dan Weiss – Fourteen (2014; Pi Recordings)
Mike Bullock – Fermented…Earth/A Cat’s Tiger [shadowselves02]
Reconnaissance Fly – Flower Future (2014; Edgetone Records)
Touch and Go Sextet – Live at the Novara Jazz Festival (2014; Nine Winds Records)
Andrew Raffo Dewar – Interactions Quartet [brd 068]
Colin Edwin & Lorenzo Feliciati – Twinscapes (Rare Noise Records)
Rodrigues Laurain Rodrigues Guerrero – Alba [cs248]; Rodrigues Gauguet Guerrero – Early Reflections [cs258]
Mike Cooper & Yan-Chiu Leung – Right (H)ear Side by Side


Ross Hammond
Rent Romus
Matthew Shipp

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A 4’33″ App

4' 33"

4′ 33″ (Photo credit: nmorao)

Now there truly is an app for everything, including John Cage’s 4’33″:

As Gene Caprioglio put it: “With Cage, I always think, wow, what would he have done with the Internet?” His trying has produced 4’33,” the app. Released last month by CF Peters and the Cage Trust, 4’33” lets users not only experience the slow elapse of the work’s movements, but also record their own version of it and hear other users’ performances from around the world.

Smithsonian to Celebrate 50th Anniversary of John Coltrane

John Coltrane

Cover of John Coltrane

From BWWMusicWorld:

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History will kick off the 13th annual Jazz Appreciation Month March 26 at 11 a.m., with donations from Ravi Coltrane, son of international music legends, John and Alice Coltrane, and from notable jazz photographer, Chuck Stewart. Coltrane will then discuss his father’s career and the famed studio album, A Love Supreme, widely considered one of the greatest jazz albums of all time and celebrating its 50th anniversary. During its own 50th anniversary year, the museum is displaying Coltrane’s original score in the “American Stories” exhibition through June 17. The ceremony will be webcast live online.

Newsbits: The Moon out on 577 Records / Jazz in Oakland / Rob Wagner & Dave Cappello / Universal Synchrony Music Vol. 2 / Matt Bauder Review

577 Records is releasing The Moon’s debut studio album, Good and Evil, featuring Adam Caine, guitar and Federico Ughi, drums.

Sunday, April 13 at 8:00pm, at LeQuiVive, 1525 Webster, Oakland, the Oakland Freedom Jazz Society presents NEW MUSIC at LeQuiVive Gallery featuring Nava Dunkelman + Pauchi Sasaki, and Syrinx Effect.

A live set featuring Rob Wagner & Dave Cappello from March 18 is available from Open Ears Music.

A telematics concert, Universal Synchrony Music Vol. 2 will take place on Sunday, April 6. From the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), Stanford University: Alex Chechile, computer and electronics, Cathleen Grado, computer, Shu Yu Lin, computer, Robert Dick, flutes. Madeline Huberth, data analysis, Manaswi Mishra, data formatting. Constantin Basica, audio technology, site coordinator. David Kerr, video technology. From Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, Stony Brook University: Ray Anderson, trombone, Miya Masaoka, koto, Min Xiao-Fen, pipa and voice, Doug Van Nort, computer and electronics, Sarah Weaver, conductor, project coordinator. Alain Paradis and Stuart Jackson, audio technology. Michael Ricca and Matthew Blessing, video technology. Saman Samadi, technical assistance. Ross Karre and crew, video recording.

Jazz Right Now reviews Matt Bauder’s Nightshades.

AMN Picks of the Week: Reconnaissance Fly / Touch and Go Sextet / Ross Hammond / Colossloth / Kris Davis / Eric Revis

Ross Hammond in the poster room 2

Ross Hammond in the poster room 2

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Reconnaissance Fly – Flower Futures (2014)
Touch and Go Sextet – Live at the Novara Jazz Festival (2014)
Ross Hammond – Humanity Suite (2014)
Colossloth – Anchored By Lungs (EP) (2013)
Kris Davis – Massive Threads (2013)
Eric Revis – In Memory of Things Yet Seen (2014)

Upcoming Shows at Trinosophes

From Detroit’s Trinosophes:

English: Bobby Bradford, moers festival 2008

Bobby Bradford

Wednesday, March 26: Bobby Bradford Quartet with Frode Gjerstad, Ingebrigt Haaker Flaten and Frank Rosaly
For this concert Bradford is backed by some of our favorite musicians, who have performed in our series many times with various groups: Norway’s Frode Gjerstad (Frode Gjerstad trio, Joe Mcphee, VCDC, Brotzmann tentet) on saxophone and clarinet; Norwegian/Texan double-bassist Ingebrigt Haker Flaten (The Thing, The Young Mothers, Atomic, Ken Vandermark); and Chicago’s Frank Rosaly (Esacada Music, Fast Citizens, Rempis Percussion Quartet, Josh Abrams’ Natural Information, Fred Lonberg-Holm‘s Valentine Trio, Marshall Allen, Roscoe Mitchell etc.) on percussion.
Doors at 8 pm; $10-20 suggested

March 28: New Bums, Clay Rendering and Shells
Meet Drag City recording artists the New Bums! They’re not your father’s Bums, but they’re bringing good old-fashioned songcraft back for another try. Ben Chasny from Six Organs of Admittance and Donovan Quinn from Skygreen Leopards; two voices and guitars with the occasional other element all compete for the loneliest sound in the room. Lots of laughs too — if you like ‘em dark, that is.

With Clay Rendering, the duo of Mike Connelly (Hair Police, Wolf Eyes) and Tara Connelly (The Haunting), and Shells (Shelley Salant of Shells, Rebel Kind, Tyvek, WCBN’s Local Show, Michigan Happenings, and more!).
Doors at 9PM, music shortly thereafter. $8 at the door.

Saturday, March 29: Thollem McDonas and Brian Chase, 696 Blues Band
Perpetual touring-machine and long-time honorary Detroiter Thollem McDonas returns in a duo collaboration with Brian Chase, best known as drummer of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs- but also a fixture on the New York improvised music scene. The two recently collaborated on the group Whistling Joy Jumpers with legendary Half Japanese frontman Jad Fair and became an accidental duo at a session at Olympia’s famous Dub Narcotic Studios when the third member of a trio fell ill and couldn’t make it. Embracing the results and naming the record Dub Narcotic Session, the duo is now on touring in support of the new release. McDonas, in particular, has probably been involved in more Detroit-based projects and performances than any other visiting musician we can think of in recent years. His astounding piano technique, wide-open ears and diversity of presentations has made him a consistent favorite since he first landed here almost a decade ago on his first solo tour.

696 Blues Band is probably Detroit’s most unpredictable act right now- changing radically from show to show. It may or may not include finger-picked guitar, tape loops, echoplex, hammond organ and mixer manipulation. Possibly percussion too, or substitute fuzz-picked guitar. This is blues-based music in the sense that The Magic Band is blues based music– but it doesn’t sound like them either.

Doors at 9 pm; $7-10.

Coming Soon

April 5: Doc Waffles
April 12: Mind Over Mirrors, Chatoyant
April 17: Ken Vandermark’s Made to Break
April 18: Eric Carbonara and Nick Milevoi, Fortuna/Knaggs
April 19: Pandelis Karayorgis Quintet
April 27: BYOBach
April 30: Chicago Underground Duo

AMN Reviews and Interviews: February 2014

Chrome Hoof

Cover of Chrome Hoof

Last month we’ve published the following reviews and interviews:

Patrick Farmer – How I Keep Falling into Rivers
Chrome Hoof – Chrome Back Gold
Bristophe – le fils de la prophétesse
If, Bwana – Thirty
Peter Hammill & Gary Lucas – Otherworld
Jack Wright and Ben Wright – As if anything could be the same
Ingrid Laubrock’s Anti-House – Strong Place
Heenan / Rodriguez / Frangenheim / Bymel – Berlin

Brian Drye
Ben Goldberg
Matt Bauder
John Butcher
Jack Wright

AMN Picks of the Week: William Parker / Der 2TE Fruend / Matthew Shipp / Gauci, Knuffke Filiano

avant-garde pianist Matthew Shipp

Matthew Shipp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

William Parker Septet – Wood Flute Songs: Light Cottage Draped in a Curtain of Blues (2009)
William Parker Quartet – Wood Flute Songs: Live in Houston (2007)
William Parker Quartet – Wood Flute Songs: Live at Yoshi’s (2006)
Der 2TE Fruend – Sub Divo (2014)
Matthew Shipp Trio – Root of Things (2014)
Gauci / Knuffke / Filiano – Chasing Tales (2014)

Newsbits: Nonsemble in Brisbane / Arditti Quartet in LA / Matthew Shipp / Ross Hammond

Nonsemble will perform in Brisbane, Australia on March 22, along with Armas Quartet and Airport. They will be performing a single half-hour piece entitled Go Seigen vs. Fujisawa Kuranosuke, a sprawling work based on the traditional Japanese board game “go.”

Los Angeles’ Monday Evening Concerts will feature the Arditti String Quartet performing Elliot Carter String Quartet No. 5, Jonathan Harvey String Quartet No. 2, Brian Ferneyhough Dum Transisset I-IV, and Helmut Lachenmann String Quartet No. 3 “Grido” on March 17.

Arditti String Quartet

Cover of Arditti String Quartet

The Chicago Reader reviews the latest release from Matthew Shipp, Roots of Things.

Guitarist & Composer Ross Hammond’s latest release, Humanity Suite will be out May 6, 2014 on Prescott Recordings, and features multi-instrumentalist Vinny Golia, saxophonist Catherine Sikora, bassist Kerry Kashiwagi, trombonist Clifford Childers, and drummer Dax Compise.