Bob Drake’s Audio Archive

Bob Drake has released a bunch of songs that he has recorded over the years.

Bob Drake

Cover of Bob Drake

This small selection of ditties, featuring groups of which I have been a member of over the centuries, collaborations, one-off oddities and other such thrills, has been lovingly hand-plucked for your amusement from amongst my horribly vast collection of cassettes, CDs and hard disks, and streams in scintillating 320kbps MP3 quality. Note that this page will be updated occasionally, on those rainy days when I have time to pore over the crates full of cassettes and hard disks.

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Ordnance, Tape Only Recordings Available for Free

From Radio Free Midwich.

‘Ordnance, Tape Only’, or oTo to its friends, was a sound-art off-shoot project from fencing flatworm recordings, the micro-label I co-ran with Sean Keeble in the early years of this century. There were fifty oTo releases, with each release limited to a numbered fifty copies, all on one-sided cassette tapes. Apart from the artist name and the catalogue number no other information was included. It became a cross section of the UK noise underground at the time and even attracted the attention of the international experimental jet-set with, for example, Thurston Moore donating some skronking.

Every Contact Leaves a Trace Label Launch

Bang the Bore writes about the new CDr label Every Contact Leaves a Trace:

Every Contact Leaves a Trace is a new CDr label launching Monday 20th January 2014. There are four initial releases available for purchase, stream and download – a process edit of field recordings made inside 20th Century Fox’s 1965 film The Sound of Music, by Henry Collins; a reworking of concert performances by Dominic Lash and Will Montgomery; a collision of broken instruments and field recordings by Ignacio Agrimbau; and four recordings made in the field – but not of the field – by Seth Cooke.


William Winant Interview and Album Stream

William Winant 1

William Winant 1 (Photo credit: michaelz1)

From SPIN:

Percussionist William Winant has been the avant-elite’s go-to percussionist for more than 35 years. The list of folks he’s worked with is basically an abridged history of the 20th century’s back end: John Cage, Iannis Xenakis, Pierre Boulez, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Frank Zappa, Alvin Lucier, Anthony Braxton, John Zorn, Sonic Youth, and Mr. Bungle, to pick a handful. But despite appearances on more than 200 recordings, he had never released a proper solo album, a grievous wrong long-running indie label Poon Village has finally righted with the release of Five American Percussion Pieces. Launches with Rare Tapes


This website is a collection of underground / independantly released cassette tapes from the days when the audio cassette was the standard method of music sharing, generally the mid eighties through early nineties.

Material represented includes tape experimentation, industrial, avant-garde, indy, rock, diy, subvertainment and auto-hypnotic materials… most of what you are about to hear is rather difficult to file under any one category, and thus has not been.

Unfortunately, the recordings are just provided in alphabetical order, but exploring would be a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Open Ears Music Shows

Free downloads of recent Open Ears Music shows are available.

Neslort – 19 February 2013 – Audio Archive
Neslort: Rick Trolsen, Kyle Cripps, Tim Robertson, Pat Casey, Marcello Benetti

redrawblak – Audio Archive – 5 February 2013
redrawblak: Brad Walker, Aurora Nealand, Paul Thibodeaux, Helen Gillet, Jesse Morrow, Chris Alford

Bubble Bath – Audio Archive – 29 January 2013
Bubble Bath

FireFace – Audio Archive – 22 January 2013
(Don’t Put) Fire (on Your) Face: Dan Oestreicher (bass sax), Marcello Benetti (drums), Tim McFatter (tenor sax), & Pete Murano (guitar)

Plunge – Audio Archive – 15 January 2013
Plunge: Mark McGrain (trombone), Tom Fitzpatrick (saxes), and James Singleton (bass)

Jesse Morrow – Audio Archive – 8 January 2013
Jesse Morrow (basses), Rex Gregory (saxes), Dave Cappello & Chris Nobles (percussion)

Open Ears Music Show Downloads

Benoît Delbecq, synthetizers + computers

Benoît Delbecq, synthetizers + computers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Open Ears Music:

Justin Peake All Stars – Audio Archive – 18 Dec 2012
Justin Peake (drums), Anthony Cuccia (percussion), Chris Alford (guitar), James Singleton (bass), Helen Gillet (cello), Dan Oestreicher (woodwinds and synth)

Albert, Cleaver, Delbecq, Hébert, Walker – Audio Archive – 4 Dec 2012
Jeff Albert (trombone), Gerald Cleaver (drums), Benoît Delbecq (rhodes), John Hébert (bass), Brad Walker (saxophone)

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 29/2012

Kidd Jordan playing saxophone at Luscher Schoo...

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

new artists
a prayer for peace: richard tabnik, ts/ roger mancuso, dr/ adam lane, b

tranceformation: connie crothers, p/ andrea wolper, vo/ ken filiano, b

hippin’: alexis parsons, vo/ connie crothers, p

nonextraneous sounds: mariel roberts, cello

burning bridge: jason kao hwang, vln/ taylor hobynum/ ken filiano/ andrew drury/ joseph daley/ steve swell/ sun li/ wang guowei

confluence: dave phillips, b/ john o gallagher, as/ rez abbasi, g/ tony moreno, dr/ glen fitten, perc/ john werking, p

fred tompkins
flute settings: fred tompkins, fl + various

maikotron unit
effugit: michel coté, cl, maikotron/ pierre coté, b, cello/ michel lambert, maikotron, dr, fl

natura morta
natura morta: frantz loriot, vla/ sean ali, b/ carlo costa, dr

flying note
people of the ninth: kidd jordan, ts/ kali fasteau, p, fl, cello, etc/ michael thompson, dr

not two
across the sky: john dikeman, ts/ klaus kugel, dr/ raoul van der weide, b

no business
hell-bent n the pacific: marco eneidi/ vinny golia/ lisa mezzacappa/ vijay anderson

Open Ears Music Shows and Downloads

English: Barry Altschul, moers festival 2011

English: Barry Altschul, moers festival 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From New Orleans’ Open Ears Music:

Ullmann/Swell 4tet – Audio Archive – 16 Oct 2012
Steve Swell (trombone), Gebhard Ullmann (tenor sax & bass clarinet), Hill Greene (bass), & Barry Altschul (drums)

Anniversary Mash Up – 30 October 2012 – Audio Archive
martin krusche, performance archives, ray moore, rick trolsen, simon berz

Duo Baars Henneman – Audio Archive – 23 Oct 2012
Ig Henneman (viola) & Ab Baars (woodwinds)

Plunge – 27 Nov 2012 – Audio Archive
Mark McGrain (trombone), Tom Fitzpatrick (saxes), Kirk Jospeh (sousaphone), & Doug Garrison (drums)

Bodhi3 – Audio Archive 20 Nov 2012
Bodhi3: Mike Mito (winds), Rebecca Green (voice and bass), & Jeff Zielinski (percussion)

redrawblak(trios) – Audio Archive – 13 November2012
Brad Walker (saxes), Jesse Morrow (bass), Brad Webb (drums) + Rex Gregory (sax)
Brad Walker, Aurora Nealand, & Paul Thibodeaux

Audio Archive – 9 Oct 2012 – JAQ & Log Ladies
Jeff Albert Quartet: Jeff Albert (trombone), Ray Moore (alto sax), Jesse Morrow (bass), Dave Cappello (drums) + Chris Alford (guitar)
The Log Ladies: Chris Alford (guitar), Jesse Morrow (bass), Dave Cappello (drums) + Jeff Albert (trombone)

Open Ears Music Shows

From New Orleans’ Open Ears Music:

Dave Rempis – Audio Archive – 02 Oct 12
Dave Rempis (alto sax) & Jeff Albert (trombone)
Dave Rempis (alto sax), Dan Oestreicher (saxes), Jesse Morrow (bass), & Dave Cappello (drums)

Trolsen, Benetti & Thompson – Audio Archive – 25 Sept 2012
Rick Trolsen (trombone), Will Thompson (keys) & Marcello Benetti (drums)

Smart/Moore/Albert/Cappello – Audio Archive – 18 Sept 2012
John Smart (keys & synths), Ray Moore (saxes & flutes), Jeff Albert (trombone), Dave Cappello (drums)