Newsbits: Between / Lee Gamble / Sensate Focus / Ray Collins / Jimmy Bennington

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Sensate Focus
Sensate Focus (Photo credit: Andreas_MB)

12k has a new release out from Between, a 5-artist live recording from the recent Japan tour at Kinse Ryokan in Kyoto, featuring Corey Fuller & Tomoyoshi Date (Illuha), Simon Scott, Marcus Fischer, Taylor Deupree.

PAN has two new releases out from Lee Gamble (Dutch Tvashar Plumes) and Sensate Focus (Déviation Heat-treated).

Ray Collins, formerly of the Mothers of Invention, has died.

Thur Dec 27, 2012 at the Lighthouse Tavern in CHicago at 8:30 PM, Colour and Sound will play, featuring: Jimmy Bennington – drums, Ed House (AACM)- tenor saxophone, Jim Baker – piano, Brian Smith- bass.

The December 28th Lost Civilizations show has been cancelled.

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