Improvvisatore Involontario in New York

From Improvvisatore Involontario, info on their New York stay from March 5-13:

Described as “the talk of the italian jazz scene” since its birth in 2004, Improvvisatore Involontario has soon become one of the most innovative and relevant artists’ collectives in Europe. Drummer Francesco Cusa along with guitarists Paolo Sorge and Carlo Natoli, founders of the association, have spread their connections worldwide starting from Catania (Sicily): the association counts today more than 20 members hailing from Rome, Milan, Paris, Berlin and New York, where Marco Cappelli (virtuoso guitarist and fellow member) has long established himself among the most active performers in the downtown avantgarde scene. Now, after European tours and gratifying reviews of its members’ newest records on the US press, Improvvisatore Involontario lands in NYC to present its orchestra and its latest releases: an amazing week of events with plenty of international guests and hosted by some of the most prestigious venues in town.

Gaia Mattiuzzi, vocals
Antonino Chiaramonte / Anna Troisi, live electronics
Flavio Zanuttini, trumpet
Alberto Popolla, bass clarinet
Gaetano Messina, violin
Tommaso Vespo, piano
Marco Cappelli / Enrico Cassia / Fabrizio Licciardello / Paolo Sorge, electric guitar
Alessandro Salerno, classical guitar
Michele Caramazza / Luca Lo Bianco, electric bass
Antonio Quinci / Andrea Sciacca, drums
Francesco Cusa, drums & Conduction of Naked Musicians

March 6th @ Downtown Music Gallery – 7pm
13 Monroe Street [between Catherine & Market Streets in Chinatown]
New York, NY 10002-7351
Improvvisatore Involontario Acoustic Showcase
Small ensembles with mixed lineups present excerpts from the latest 2010/11 releases of the label.

March 7th @ The Local 269 – 8pm
269 E Houston St – New York, NY 10002
Francesco Cusa, drums
Gaia Mattiuzzi, voice

March 8th @ White Box – 8pm
329 Broome Street – New York, NY 10002
Paolo Sorge / Enrico Cassia / Fabrizio Licciardello / Marco Cappelli, guitar
The electric guitar quartet led by Paolo Sorge – presents its self-titled debut album featuring stunning renditions of works by the likes of Claude Debussy, Fred Frith, Elliott Sharp.

March 9th @ Teatro of The Italian Academy, Columbia University – 8pm
1161 Amsterdam Avenue (at 116th) – New York, NY 10027-7005

Naked Musicians
w/ special Guests: Cristina Zavalloni & Mauro Pagani
The vulcanic sicilian label presents its improv/orchestra conducted by Francesco Cusa sparkled by Cristina Zavalloni and Mauro Pagani and introduced with showcases of the label’s newest releases

Tetraktys + Dither

Paolo Sorge / Enrico Cassia / Fabrizio Licciardello / Marco Cappelli / Taylor Levine / David Linaburg / Josh Lopes / James Moore, guitar

Tetraktys will be joined by the NYC based guitar quartet Dither in an unforgettable improvised set for Guitar Octet!

Alessandro Salerno, baritone guitar
Alberto Popolla, bass clarinet

March 12th @ Brecht Forum – 8pm
451 West Street (that’s the West Side Highway) between Bank & Bethune Streets – NYC 10014

Naked Musicians meets Elliott Sharp
playing his composition “Flexagons”
w/ Elliott Sharp, guitar & composition

Soni Sfardati
Enrico Cassia, guitar
Antonio Quinci, drums

Italian Surf Academy
Marco Cappelli, guitar
Luca Lo Bianco Bass
Francesco Cusa, drums

March 13th @ Issue Project Room – 5pm
232 3rd Street – Brooklyn, NY 11215-2714

Naked Musicians

Live electronics & visual performance

Anna Troisi, sounding sculptures and live electronics
Antonino Chiaramonte, live electronics and live video processing
Gaia Mattiuzzi, voice
Marco Cappelli, electric guitar
Francesco Cusa, drums
Alberto Popolla, bass clarinet

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Tim Hecker Interview

Tim Hecker

From ALARM Press:

Over the course of a decade and six official full-lengths, Montreal native Tim Hecker has emerged above the din of his contemporaries to make a name for himself within a genre that normally cultivates anonymity. Culminating with 2006 album Harmony in Ultraviolet, Hecker’s brand of sound art is arguably a compass point where all others in similar pursuits these days are drawn. Like-minded electronic composers as disparate as Oneohtrix Point Never, Emeralds, and Benoit Pioulard have been journalistically clustered under the Hecker umbrella. At 36 years old, it is probably premature to deem Hecker an elder. Even with the long shadow of Brian Eno ever present among them, the term “ambient” seems improper and maybe even caustic. So, however improperly the music may be coined, or misheard, all of this tiptoeing makes any discussion of it problematic.

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Nate Wooley Interview

From Ars Nova Workshop:

On March 5, Ars Nova Workshop presents a performance at Vox Populi by trumpeter Nate Wooley, violinist and electronicist C. Spencer Yeh, cellist Okkyung Lee, and percussionist Paul Lytton. With expansive avant-garde affiliations – noise, jazz, free improv, downtown – Wooley assembled this quartet “to see if a collision of forward thinking practitioners of each of these histories will create something greater than a well-thought out musical fusion.” This Philadelphia concert is the third stop on a Wooley-Lytton US tour, where the duo will be teaming up along the way for diverse collaborations with Ikue Mori, Peter Evans, Ken Vandermark, Chris Corsano, Matt Moran, and Joe Morris, among others. Taking a break between recording and live dates in Europe, ANW caught up with Wooley in Lisbon, Portugal to talk about his recent and upcoming work, and the motivations behind this unique new quartet.

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John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble on Tour

From Live « John Hollenbeck:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
116 E 27th St, New York, NY 10016 (United States)
(212) 576-2232 Set: 7:30 PM
All Ages

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
116 E 27th St, New York, NY 10016 (United States)
(212) 576-2232 Set: 9:30 PM
All Ages

Thursday, March 3, 2011
710 East Roy Street, Seattle, WA (United States)
Set: 8:00 PM
All Ages
Tickets: $18 in advance; $20 at the door; $10 for students, seniors, & Cornish alumni

Friday, March 4, 2011
Salem, OR (United States)
Set: 8:00 PM
All Ages

Saturday, March 5, 2011
JOHN HOLLENBECK LARGE ENSEMBLE at San Joaquin Valley Jazz Festival @ Clovis North High School
E. International Ave, Fresno, CA (United States)
Set: 7:30 PM
All Ages

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All About Jazz Reviews

Oliver Lake

From All About Jazz:

Oliver Lake / Christian Weber / Dieter Ulrich
For A Little Dancin’ (Intakt Records)

Soft Machine
Alive & Well: Recorded in Paris (Esoteric Recordings)

Gerald Cleaver
Be It As I See It (Fresh Sound New Talent)

Miles Davis
Bitches Brew Live (Legacy Recordings)

Matthew Shipp
The Art of the Improviser (Thirsty Ear Recordings)

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DMG Newsletter February 25th, 2011

From DMG:

Ron Anderson’s PAK! Ikue Mori DVD! Yoshi Fruchter’s Pitom! Anthony Braxton Trio/Quintet 1972! Carlo Actis Dato’s Atipico! Simon Nabatov Quintet! Sainko Namchylak & Wolfgang Puschnig!

Pandelis Karayorgis Qnt! Michael Marcus! Joe Sachse/Fred Baker/John Marshall! Joel Futterman & Ike Levin! Delta Sax QT DVD! Die Schactel Rarities & Even More!


The DMG Free-In-Store Performance Series Continues With:

Sunday, February 27th Double Header:
6pm: TRIO GEO Featuring: BILL BUCHEN – Percussion & Composition, NEMANJA REBIC – Guitar & Compositions & DALE KLEPS – Bass Clarinet and Alto Flute
7pm: FRED LYENN – Rare Singer/Songwriter Set at DMG – hopefully ? with special guests Joachim and Shelley!

Sunday, March 6th at 6pm [two hour set]:
(one of several dates in a row that this group will perform in NYC; see our gig lists below for other dates)
The IMPROVVISATORE INVOLONTARIO perfromance at DMG will Feature:
Gaia Mattiuzzi – vocals, Antonino Chiaramonte, Anna Troisi – live electronics, Flavio Zanuttini – trumpet, Alberto Popolla – bass clarinet, Gaetano Messina – violin, Tommaso Vespo – piano, Marco Cappelli, Enrico Cassia, Fabrizio Licciardello, Paolo Sorge – electric guitars, Alessandro Salerno – classical guitar, Michele Caramazza, Luca Lo Bianco – electric basses, Antonio Quinci, Andrea Sciacca – drums, Francesco Cusa – drums, conduction of Naked Musicians orchestra

Sunday, March 13th – Yet Another Great Double-Header with:
Amazing Tenor sax & Contrabass Duo!
7pm: DEE POP 55th Birthday Celebration with Special Guests!

Sunday, March 20th at 6pm:
Wow! Another Wonderful New Sax/Cello/Drums Trio!

Sunday, March 27th at 6pm:
Extraordinary Vocal & Trombone Duo!

Sunday, April 3rd at 6pm:

Sunday, April 10th at 6pm:

Sunday, April 17th at 6pm:
Legendary multi-winds player & new acoustic bass wiz!

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Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians + Double Sextet at EMPAC

Troy NY’s EMPAC features the music of Steve Reich on March 12:

Steve Reich: Music for 18 Musicians
+ Double Sextet
Performed by Signal
The minimalist music style has had a profound influence on all Western music. Not only has classical music been challenged and changed, but electronica, jazz, hip-hop, and pop have fallen under its influence, as well. Starting in the 1960s as an alternative to the “joyless” classical music coming out of academia, its pulsing rhythms, shifting patterns, focused harmonies, and mesmerizing repetitions, which move continuously through metamorphoses, spoke to listeners in a new way. Music for 18 Musicians, by Steve Reich and musicians, premiered in 1974 at The Town Hall in New York City.

In 2009, Reich won a Pulitzer Prize for his piece Double Sextet, where two identical groups of six musicians each play interlocking patterns of music—and the interwoven rhythms and phrases draw listeners into a maelstrom of pulsing music.

Signal, under Brad Lubman, performs these minimalist masterpieces with absolute virtuosity

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Upcoming New York Shows

Steve Dalachinsky

Image via Wikipedia

From the Vision Festival people:

Mondays at the Local 269

269 E Houston St, New York (corner of Suffolk St)
Regular = $10 per set / $15 for 2 sets / $20 all night
Students/Seniors = $7 per set / $12 for 2 / $17 all night

February 28

· 7pm Belogenis/Hofstra/Grassi

Louie Belogenis
Louie Belogenis (sax) / Dave Hofstra (bass)
Lou Grassi (drums)

· 8pm Vocal Improv Session #10
Mossa Bildner (voice) / Gino Sitson (voice)
Matt Lavelle (trumpet, bass clarinet)

· 9pm Gino Sitson Group
Gino Sitson (voice, body perc & compositions)
Sam Newsome (soprano sax)

· 10pm Jeremy Carlstedt Trio
Jeremy Carlstedt (drums) / Stephen Gauci (sax)
Kevin Ray (bass)

March 7

· 7pm Bonnie Barnett Group
Bonnie Barnett (voice) / Anders Nilsson (guitar) / Ken

Gaia Mattiuzi – Skinshout
Filiano (bass)

· 8pm Skinshout
Gaia Mattiuzi (vocal) / Francesco Cusa (drums)

· 9pm Mikko Innanen Trio
Mikko Innanen (sax) / Joe Fonda (bass) / Lou Grassi (drums)

· 10pm Tom Chess & Bandit Hat
Tom Chess (oud, ney, morsing) / Will McEvoy (upright bass) Jake Wise (clarinet) / Kenny Warren (trumpet) Ryan Snow (trombone) / Shane Shanahan (percussion)

March 14

· 7pm Voice accompanies Voice

Eisenstadt, by Gannushkin
Lola Danza (voice) / Steve Dalachinsky (words)
Ben Gerstein (trombone) / Garth Stevenson (bass)

· 8pm Judi Silvano Cleome Quartet
Judi Silvano (voice) / Adam Kokler (sax)
John Hebert (bass) / Sasha Mogilavich (drums)

· 9pm Attias/Hoffman/Eisenstadt
Michael Attias (sax) / Christopher Hoffman (cello)
Harris Eisenstadt (drums)

· 10pm Marco Cappelli Trio
Marco Cappelli (guitar) / Luca Lo Bianco (bass)
Francesco Cusa (drum)

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