Akousma Festival in Montreal

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Pauline Oliveros
Cover of Pauline Oliveros

From SanArt:

AKOUSMA, the electroacoustic music festival, is back with a 7th edition
October 27, 28, 29 & 30 – 8:00 – at Monument-National in downtown Montreal

October 27: Deep Listening
Pauline Oliveros plays some of her pioneering tape musics and Mitchell Akiyama presents a new work for wind quartet & electronics.

October 28: Acousmatic
Mathew Adkins celebrates “musique concrète” with his Project and Martin Bédard presents a new acousmatic piece, commissioned by Réseaux with help from CALQ.

October 29: Machines
Felix-Antoine Morin is inspired by industrial music as well as “musique concrète” and Martin Messier presents his already famous Sewing Machines Orchestra.

October 30: Folktronica
Sinebag (aka Alexander Schubert) plays with drummer Michel F. Côté and clarinettist Philippe Lauzier. Nicolas Bernier presents courant.air, a new piece for acoustic guitar (played by Simon Trottier) and electronics.

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