Nate Wooley, Carlos Giffoni Coming to Bowerbird

From Philly’s Bowerbird:

Open Sound

The next session will be:
Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
doors at 7pm, starts at 7:30

A diverse and distinctive creative voice, trumpeter Nate Wooley is at once home in the other-sounds-world of textural abstraction and the out but more-easily-explained-to-your-grandmother world of modern jazz.

Carlos Giffoni
Alex Nagle
PIMA Group

Bowerbird Presents GATE
Friday, May 21st
@ The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street
8pm; FREE

Join Bowerbird for a night of power electronics and mysterious dance installations as we feature new synth music by New York based Carlos Giffoni, the shredding noise of Philadelphia composer Alex Nagle, and the haunting PIMA Group, featuring dancer / choreographer Melisa Putz.

Carlos Giffoni hardly needs an introduction in experimental music circles, but in year where he takes a break from his hugely successful No Fun Fest to focus on other projects, you just can’t wait to find out how the synth magician reinvents himself. Carlos lists japanese noise, early industrial, rock, and joropo among his influences, and his list of past collaborators is amazing: Jim O’Rourke, Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Nels Cline, Chris Corsano, Peter Rehberg, Chuck Bettis, Nautical Almanac, Smegma, lds, Lasse Marhaug, Merzbow, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Awesome.

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DMG Newsletter April 30th, 2010 (Area in New York!)

From DMG:

Paul Dunmall & Chris Corsano! William Hooker Trio! Sonny Simmons! Ernst Reijseger Trio! Acid Mother Temple! Xenakis Piano Music! Morton Feldman DVD!

Helmut Lachenmann! Pierre Henry! Henry Jacobs! Robbie Basho Tribute! Bob Dylan’s Radio Hour & Frank Zappa‘s Freak-Out List DVD!

Downtown Music Gallery FREE In-Store Performance Schedule Continues with:

Sunday, May 2nd at 6pm:
Wonder Quartet with saxes/voice/guitar/bass!

Sunday, May Sunday 9th at 6pm:
SIMON JERMYN – Solo Guitars & Basses CD Release Celebration!

Sunday, May 30th at 6pm:
Two Duos from Norway – BALLROGG & VERTEX!
BALLROGG features:
ROGER ARNTZEN – acoustic bass
KLAUS ELLERHUSEN – alto sax & bass clarinet!
VERTEX features:
TOR HAUGERUD – percussion & samples
PETTER VAGAN – lapsteel & guitar!

Sunday, June 6th at 6pm:

Sunday, July 25th at 6pm:
Jacob Zimmerman (alto sax)
Joe Moffett (trumpet)
Randy Pingrey (trombone)
Jesse Ward (electric guitar)


This Saturday, May 2, 2010 at 8pm at The Brecht Forum..

Neues Kabarett presents

AREA + Mauro Pagani

Featuring: Patrizio Fariselli (piano/keyboards), Paolo Tofani (guitar/synthesizer), Ares Tavolazzi (bass/trombone), and special guest Mauro Pagani (violin/vocals).

For the second set, the band will be joined by a variety of local guests including Marco Cappelli

Neues Kabarett is delighted to present the historic reunion of Italian progressive rock legends, Area, almost 30 years after their break up following the death of iconic lead singer Demetrio Stratos.

Original Area members Patrizio Fariselli on piano and keyboards, Paolo Tofani on guitar, and Ares Tavolazzi on bass will be joined by Walter Paoli on drums. Mauro Pagani, their frequent collaborator and former member of Premiata Forneria Marconi, will provide violin and vocals.

Formed in 1972, Area grew to be one of the most respected and important bands of the blooming 70s Italian scene by blending experimental progressive rock and jazz fusion. The band frequently collaborated with such visionary artists as John Cage and Steve Lacy. Area recorded their first studio album Arbeit macht frei (“Work Brings Freedom”), a title taken from the entrance to the Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp. The band found a following amongst youth of the time who were able to identify with Area’s left-wing lyrics in a period of social and political turmoil. Area’s sound merged rock, jazz, raw electronics and Eastern and Arabic music, and it was the blending of all these that made the band stand out. The band was founded on a strong and virtuosic musicianship, and Arbeit macht frei is considered an Italian progressive rock classic.

The Brecht Forum – 212-242-4201
451 West Street
Manhattan, between Bank and Bethune Streets

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Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Insurgent/TFT – The Shape of Static To Come
‘The Shape Of Static To Come’ is a highly rewarding, involving & brutal emersion in static rich HNW & minimalistic HNW making taking in a thirty five minute track a piece from Chicago based Insurgent & Italian based TFT.

An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter – La Rossa Dalla Pelle Che Scotta
‘La Rossa Dalla Pelle Che Scotta’ takes it’s name and inspiration from 1971 Italian/Turkish Giallo movie of the same name (it’s US title was The Red-Headed Corpse) which tells the story of a penniless artists who given an mannequin in a park which he takes home & it turns seemingly into a fiery femme fatale who takes over his life and starts a killing spree.

Merzbow – Another Merzbow Records
‘Another Merzbow Records’ (no, it’s not my bad grammar that is the title) is a three disc collection that brings together compilation tracks, split release tracks & various odds & ends from the long standing king of Japanese noise Merzbow.

Sedot Skin – The Black Mausoleum
‘The Black Mausoleum’ is the first release from this Dutch based project and their atmospheric to caustic guitar drone based sound. On offer here is a single twenty five minute track that goes from chilling & harmonically revolving to screaming & darkly seared.

Blood Of The Black Owl – A Banishing Ritual
‘A Banishing Ritual’ is album number three from Chet Scott’s (of Ruhr Hunter, Elemental Chrysalis and Glass throat records) metallic & folk/rock project Blood of the Black Owl. And it sees him offering up a single track in four ‘movements’, which offers up 40 minutes worth of ritual, primal & experimental sonic matter that mixers together elements of : doom, black metal, industrial, drone & brooding ambience, folk, rock & tribal music into a very distinctive & original sonic vision.

Chiara String Quartet Plays at Le Poisson Rouge


Just before the Chiara String Quartet played Webern’s Five Movements for String Quartet on Wednesday evening at Le Poisson Rouge, the group’s first violinist, Rebecca Fischer, pointed out that the work was 101 years old. There was a sense of wonder in her tone — an unspoken subtext that seemed to ask, “Can you believe that people still hear this antique as harsh modernism?” Ms. Fischer added that for her, the movements are five “tiny landscapes.”

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Jazz Listings From The New York Times


BILL FRISELL TRIO (Tuesday through Thursday) For the first week of his two-week engagement, Bill Frisell, a guitarist of panoramic perspective and deep melodic instinct, leads a chamberlike trio featuring Rudy Royston on drums and Eyvind Kang on violin. (Through May 16.) At 9 and 11 p.m., Village Vanguard, 178 Seventh Avenue South, at 11th Street, West Village , (212) 255-4037,; $25 cover, with a $10 minimum. (Chinen)

MARY HALVORSON/KEVIN SHEA (Thursday) Ms. Halvorson, an engagingly prickly guitarist of increasing prominence, recently expanded her working trio to a quintet, adding the trumpeter Jonathan Finlayson and the alto saxophonist Jon Irabagon; it’s the same group featured on her second album, due out in August. She shares the bill here with a frequent collaborator, the shrewdly antic drummer Mr. Shea, who leads a new group called Lonely Gold Mine of Symbiotic Subterfuge. (Through May 7.) At 8 p.m., the Kitchen, 512 West 19th Street, Chelsea , (212) 255-5793,; $10. (Chinen)

MICHAEL MUSILLAMI TRIO + 3 (Monday) Michael Musillami, a guitarist firmly entrenched in the contemporary avant-garde, draws here from “Old Tea” (Playscape), a new album featuring a working trio with the bassist Joe Fonda and the drummer George Schuller. The +3 in the equation refers to several guests: the trumpeter Ralph Alessi, the alto saxophonist Michaël Attias and the vibraphonist Matt Moran. At 9 p.m., Local 269, 269 East Houston Street, at Suffolk Street, Lower East Side , (212) 228-9874,; $10 cover; $7 for students. (Chinen)

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Seven Years of Avant Music News

On April 29th, 2003, I posted the first article on Avant Music News. 10,580 posts later, here we are.

For the most part, AMN is a one-person operation, and this one person works full time and is attending night school.

On a typical day, I get online early in the morning and sip my first cup of coffee while figuring out what to post on AMN. I read the emails and news-feed item submissions that have arrived overnight. I probably post around one article for every eight or so submitted. Thus, the 4-6 articles per day that I strive for at this site often requires culling through around 40 submissions per day. Throughout the day, as my schedule and Internet access allows, I will receive more submissions, and determine whether to post them immediately, save them for later consideration, or pass altogether.

Once I’ve decided to post an news article, I determine whether it is a short one-liner for Newsbits, or a more detailed piece that requires a dedicated article. Making this determination is often a judgment call based on factors including how well-known the artist / event is in the avant / creative music community, how many articles I’ve posted on similar events in the past, and how much time I have.

In many cases, the speed at which I get something posted depends directly on the organization of the information I receive. If a submission includes a link to an external site and a concise rundown of what is going on – e.g., tour dates, new reviews, new releases, etc., then it will probably be posted quickly. Otherwise, if I have to spend time formatting and editing the information, it could take me a day or two to get around to it.

I am also happy to receive promo copies of recordings, either via regular old mail or via a download site. However, it can take me days, weeks, or even longer to fully listen to such a submission. Thus, I’m usually backlogged in those matters. In fact, lately, I’ve been slipping further and further behind in all matters. I hope to catch up with some days off of work in the coming two weeks.

It is notoriously difficult to measure how big AMN has become. I run various traffic metrics on the site, but since many of you can read the site via the RSS feed or Facebook, I doubt any one number I pull out is accurate. But, I estimate that at least 300 people visit this site every day, and that there are about another 300 more casual readers.

So, one again, I’d like to thank everyone for the support and interest over the years. If anything, the amount of interest in this site and the amount of material that I could post proves that avant-garde music is alive and well all over the world, with performances somewhere every day and hundreds of new releases each year.

I’m looking forward to the next 365 days and beyond.

Spool Music

Spool is a new-ish label with a large number of improv releases.

Creative Orchestra (Guelph) 2007
Anthony Braxton & the AIMToronto Orchestra

Grdina / Houle / Silins / Loewen
New Rules for Noise

Carrier / Redman / Donato / Séguin / Lambert
Open Spaces

Grdina / Houle / Silins / Loewen

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Free Jazz Blog Reviews

Eivind Aarset
Image via Wikipedia

From Free Jazz:

Les Amants De Juliette & Majid Bekkas (Quoi De Neuf Docteur, 2010) ***½

SUNDAY, APRIL 25, 2010
Speak (self-published, 2010) ***½
Mickey Finn with Cuong Vu – Gagarin! (El Gallo Rojo Records, 2010) ***½

Terje Rypdal & Bergen Big Band – Crime Scene (ECM, 2010) ****
Eivind Aarset & The Codex Orchestra – Live Extracts (Jazzland, 2010) ***½
Mark O’Leary, Senol Küçükyildirim, Murat Çopur, Ömer Can Uygan – Live In Istanbul (Tibprod, 2010) ***½

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Final XS Record Releases

Apparently, XS Records is putting out their last releases as a netlabel. Regardless, these releases are available for free download.

[xs-72] Agnes Heginger and Karlheinz Essl – Out of the Blue
artist: agnes heginger and karlheinz essl
album: out of the blue

release date: 31/03/2010
more details and stream
contact: webpage
cover: front

The Essl/Heginger performance: responsive, unpretentious and focused. There was a positive feeling of closeness and a friendly attentiveness towards the audience.

There were many innovative moments, alternating quite willingly the musicians pulled each other into reflection, with clear sighted independence, fusing things into perspective. With a dramatic climax at the perfect moment, they communicated affectionately with virtuoso clarity to a spellbound audience. Whether it was ‘out of the blue’ or carefully planned, the opportunity to listen to Agnes Heginger’s and Karlheinz Essl’s musical dialogue was indeed my good fortune.

[xs-71] cage cabarrett – covil radiophonic workshop
artist: cage cabarrett
album: covil radiophonic workshop

release date: 31/03/2010
more details and stream
contacts: myspace
cover art: front

Cage Cabarrett explores notions of indeterminacy in art. We encourage a DIY aesthetic and we value simplicity over complexity. Like Dada before, Cage Cabarrett stands for a strong anti-commercialism attitude and an anti-art sensibility, disparaging the conventional market-driven art world in favor of an artist-centered creative practice.

We believe in the creation of art by chance, exploiting the principle of randomness. The word derives from the Latin word alea, the rolling of dice. We give you the sound of that rolling dice. It sounds like Cage Cabarrett!

[xs-70] hui-chun lin – selected improvisation works
artist: hui-chun lin
album: selected improvisations work

release date: 31/03/2010
more details and stream
contacts: myspace
cover art: front

Hui-Chun Lin, is a Solo cellist. She works with improvisation, theatrical music, world music, and contemporary music interpretation. Born in 1979 in Taiwan, she plays violoncello, on which she received a classical education. Since 2006, she finished her study in Leipzig, Germany, she lives also in the same city as a cello player and an artist.

Her artistic versatility appears in the co-operation in numerous projects with theatre, dance performance, contemporary and classical music and also world music. She also had appearances with different music festivals, like: the Leipzig Jazz Festival 2007 with Beat Freisens Spelunkenorchester.

After her postgraduate study in improvisation, she received a teaching assignment for improvisation in the university for music and theatre in Leipzig.

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Umbrella Music Through May 19

From Chicago’s Umbrella Music:

Thursday, 29 April 2010
10:00PM | Jackson/Rempis/Stein Reed Trio
Keefe Jackson – bass clarinet, tenor saxophone
Dave Rempis – alto and baritone saxophones
Jason Stein – bass clarinet
11:00PM | Paul Giallorenzo Trio
Paul Giallorenzo – piano
Nate McBride – bass
Frank Rosaly – drums

Sunday, 2 May 2010
The Hungry Brain
10:00PM | The Friction Brothers
Michael Colligan – dry ice w/ implements
Fred Lonberg-Holm – cello w/ implements
Michael Zerang – percussion w/ implements

Wednesday, 5 May 2010
The Hideout
10:00PM | Rempis/Rosaly Duo
Dave Rempis – saxophones
Frank Rosaly – drums
two sets
$6 cover
PLUS | DJ Sets : Fred Lonberg-Holm Cruises The Mediterranean

Thursday, 6 May 2010
10:00PM | Matt Schneider Solo
Matt Schneider – solo guitar
11:00PM | Nick Mazzarella Trio
Nick Mazzarella – alto saxophones
Anton Hatwich – bass
Frank Rosaly – drums

Wednesday, 12 May 2010
The Hideout
10:00PM | Wheelhouse
Dave Rempis – saxophones
Nate McBride – bass
Jason Adasiewicz – vibraphone
11:00PM | Berman/Abrams/Zerang
Josh Berman – cornet
Joshua Abrams – bass
Michael Zerang – percussion
$7 cover
PLUS | DJ Sets : Jeb Bishop spins Slightly Odd Vinyl

Wednesday, 19 May 2010
The Hideout
10:00PM | Ernest Dawkins Trio
Ernest Dawkins – reeds
Full Line up TBA
two sets
$7 cover