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From 23five:

23five Incorporated is proud to present two new publications for 2008 — Brendan Murray’s Commonwealth and Chop Shop’s Oxide.

Commonwealth is long form composition of sinewy tonalities and has already garnered high praise from The Wire, who commented that “Commonwealth is his most confident statement yet, and his most explicit engagement with the minimalist tradition. A 49-minute composition, its unblinking examination of and subtle alterations to the harmonics and overtones of layered drones recall the work of Eliane Radigue.”

Chop Shop is the moniker of New York based sound artist Scott Konzelmann, whose activities have comprised installations featuring his speaker construction assemblages and sonic compositions since 1987. Oxide is his first major publications in many, many years, documenting caustic static, jet-engine drones, and noxious rumbles, all of which retain a metallurgist residue.

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Matana Roberts at Vision Festival Show this Weekend

A Vision Festival show this weekend.

VISION/RUCMA Series 2008 @ the Living Theatre

Friday May 2
Matana Roberts Solo Works for Sean Bell
Matana Roberts: Alto saxophone

Date/Time: 10:30 PM Friday, May 2nd – Matana Roberts Solo Works for Sean Bell
Place: The LES Gallery – 107 Suffolk street, in the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center
F to Delancey Street or J,M,Z to Essex Street

Cost: $10 / students and seniors: $7

Full Info:

Tel. 212.696-6681

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

To blacken the pages – A Semblance of Something appertainning to distruct
To blacken the pages are a Dublin based hypnotic guitar drone/ doom and dramatic instrumental project of one Paul McAree,which managers stand out from the pile of seemingly similar projects with it’s ability to paint effective, varied and compeling sonic mood spaces to get lost in.

Nalle – The Sirens Waves
Nalle are Glasgow based avant folk trio of Hanna Tuulikki, Chris Hladowski and Aby Vulliamy. This thier second album primal focus is on Hanna Tuulikki distinctive and often bizarre vocals- think a more deranged folky Bjork, or a sinister earthy theatrical whine. To which a strange and dense mix of folk, world music, drone matter, lo-fi electonics & all manner of sonic strangeness is added. All to make a very distinctive brew which through enjoyable can be a little trying a times

Lead Belly – Masterworks
Lead Belly or Huddie Ledbetter as he was born is one of the most important and influential figures in American folk and blues history, along with been the first recognised and respected African American singer/ song writer by a wider audience with his first recorded work dating back to 1933. This compilation brings together all of his important and beloved songs.

Sissy Spacek – California Ax

For those who wondered what the usually highly prolific noise extraordinaire John Wiese has been up to since his excellent Soft Punk from April 07, this monster 4 disk set from his Sissy Specek project shows he’s been very busy and very creative as usual- taking the project off in new and intriguing tangents and experiments.

Ishmael Wadada Leo Smith Profiled

Smith was profiled in anticipation of his Australian tour.

Smith is on his first tour of Australia for a series of performances and workshops. He is a leading member of Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians and cut many legendary recordings with peers Anthony Braxton, Roscoe Mitchell, Muhal Richard Abrams, and others.

His compositions have been performed by contemporary music ensembles such as Smith’s band Nda Kulture, AACM -Orchestra, Kronos Quartet, Da Capo Chamber Player, New Century Players, San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, S.E.M. Ensemble and California E.A.R. Unit.

Jazz Clarinetist Jimmy Giuffre: A Look Back From NPR Music

NPR Music covers the recently departed Giuffre.

WGBH, April 28, 2008 – Composer and jazz clarinetist Jimmy Giuffre died on April 24, after suffering from pneumonia and complications from Parkinson’s Disease. He was 86. Here, WGBH contributes a 28-minute history of Jimmy Giuffre, recorded in 1994 and narrated mostly by Giuffre himself.

BassDrumBone at Firehouse 12

From Improvised Communications:

On Friday, May 2nd, New Haven’s Firehouse 12 will welcome the all-star trio BassDrumBone to town for a two-set performance as part of the venue’s ongoing 2008 Spring Jazz Series. This improvised music supergroup, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2007, brings together the distinctive talents and well-established rapport of bassist and Yale alumnus Mark Helias, drummer and Hartford native Gerry Hemingway and trombonist Ray Anderson. Their latest release is The Line Up (Clean Feed, 2006).

Another Milestone…

Today, Avant Music News in 5 years old.

I started this blog back in 2003 on a whim. It seemed like it would be useful to have a place where news and information is posted about weird and creative music without too much spin or opinion.

The focus of the site has always been on reporting the facts. Thus, I’ve eschewed writing too many reviews or opinion pieces. However, I’m not big on rules, so I let the site vary from this path from time to time.

Readership has held steady at around 400-600 people daily over the last couple of years. I get tons of email each day and try to sift through it the best I can for 4-8 relevant articles to post. Some days are better than others.

I don’t believe that I’ve missed a day for over two years now. Granted, a lot of credit should go to the people wrote wrote the WordPress software, as it allows me to schedule future posts. This permits me to take a day off now and then.

I’ve received a great many emails from readers and musics with comments, and occasionally criticism. I read all of these, though I can only respond to a few, and usually do so very briefly. But keep them coming. I enjoy staying in touch with many of you.

While I’ve got your attention…should you wish to read reviews of all kinds of interesting music, head over to our sister-site, Outer Music Diary. Tom and Mike have been reviewing like madmen this year and you’ll be hard pressed to find two more knowledgeable writers.

Thanks to everyone for all of the support over the years.

Jason Ajemian’s Smokeless Heat in Chicago

An upcoming show from Delmark:

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT- Delmark new jazz release- The Art of Dying
Delmark recording debut as leader for Jason Ajemian (Born Heller, Chicago Underground Trio, A Cushicle, Exploding Star Orchestra, and many more!)

JASON AJEMIAN’s Smokeless Heat – Delmark CD release party on Wednesday, April 30, Heaven Gallery, Chicago

Former Chicagoans Jason Ajemian and Nori Tanaka back in Chicago for special rare performance!!

Jason Ajemian’s Smokeless Heat Delmark CD release party for The Art of Dying,
Wed. April 30, Heaven Gallery, 1550 N. Milwaukee, 2nd floor, Chicago’s Wicker Park,

Ajemian’s web presence:

Chicago/NYC bassist and composer Jason Ajemian and his group Smokeless Heat will be celebrating their brand new release on Delmark, The Art of Dying (DE 581) This new release is a wonderful example of a recording that will appeal to both avant-garde and straight ahead jazz lovers.
This will be a special welcome back to Chicago gig for drummer Nori Tanaka from Japan.

It will be a trio for the first set @ 8:30 pm
Jason Ajemian : bass
Tim Haldeman : tenor sax
Nori Tanaka : drums

The 2nd set will be a five piece @10:00 pm
Jason Ajemian, Haldeman, Tanaka w/
Matt Schneider : guitar
Jaimie Branch : trumpet

Jason Adasiewicz (marimba) will not be performing…