DMG Newsletter November 30th 2007

From DMG:

New! Other Dimensions: Carter/Campbell/Parker/Drake 2 CD set! Herb Robertson NY Downtown AllStars! Anthony Braxton 2007 Trio! Dennis Gonzalez NY Qt! Brotzmann/Wilkinson Qt!

Harry Beckett/George Haslam Sextet plus 6 More New Discs from Slam! Steve Jansen w/ David Sylvian! 4 Discs from Weasel Walter’s Ug-Explode label! 3 from Australia’s Barney McAll w/ Billy Harper, Joey Baron, Josh Roseman & Badal Roy!

Daunik Lazro & Joe McPhee! Nobu Stowe & Perry Robinson! Ghidra w/ Wally Shoup & Bill Horist! ESP Disk: Billie Holiday box, Lester Young, and Burton Greene!

Plus Historic Discs & Reissues from Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, Wolfgang Dauner Quintet, Taj Mahal Travelers, Fela Kuti 3 CD Set, Erik Satie//Poulenc, 3 by Morricone, 4 from Welsh Rockers: Man and An Eccentric Soul Compilation!

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

The English Heretic – Wyrd Tales(cd & book)
The English Heretic are a mysterious musically, literary & dark historic collective who investigate ocultic matters blurring the lines between fact and fiction, their music is a layered and sinister mix of dark electronics, folk and source recordings & ambience. Their written word a mixture of ocultic history, true crime and horror fiction- all to make a intoxicating and often highly un-nerving whole.

Supersilent – 8
The eighty chapter in the awe inspiring Norwegian collective Supersilent’s career finds them creating a rather horror shrouded atmospheric album that weaves together elements of jazz, complex electroinca, rock & metal, creepy synth expanses, cinematic tones and all manner of genre pick & mix into a magical, epic often edgy, sometimes beautiful whole

Chapter – Two – (the Biographer)
Two is, as the title would indicate, the second album by Chapter, a duo consisting of Swiss artists Alexander J.S. Craker and Thierry van Osselt. The album’s subtitle (the biographer) refers to the unifying concept of the work; an elegantly presented lyric book presents a short biography, for which each track is named. For instance, the first track is named Baron B.M. Craker (1946-2003). Each biography refers to lyrics or poems found or provided by family members or significant others. Chapter sets each of these lyrics or poems to music. It is only upon careful examination of the album credits that you realise you’ve been had, most of the time. It says “All biographies are fictional; any resemblance to persons living or dead, are purely coincidental (except for Baron B.M. Craker, which is based on true facts)”. It’s an intriguing idea, and a pretty clever prank.

Tenhornedbeast – The Sacred Truth
The Sacred Truth is first slice of sonic darkness from this new project from Christopher Walton one half of the now defunct ocultic dark ambient, neo-classical & ritual percussion project Endvra. Thankful this doesn’t try to recapture Endvra’s past glories instead this has it’s own grim identity that summons up a quite an organic mix of dark ambience, drone blackness & doomy/ blackened mettlic guitar tone.

Rapoon – Time Frost
For me Time Frost is the first fully realized release from the Glacial Movements label that fulfils the labels remit of supplying ambience and sound work that conjures up vast frozen deserts, shifting ice continents and the loneliness and beauty of artic climes.

AAJ Reviews

From AAJ:

29-Nov-07 One Shot
Ewaz Vader (Le Triton)
Reviewed by John Kelman

29-Nov-07 Bismillah Khan
The Shenai’s Humble Master (Saregama India)
Reviewed by Chris May

28-Nov-07 Miles Davis
Miles Davis: The Complete On The Corner Sessions (Sony-Legacy Music)
Reviewed by John Kelman

27-Nov-07 3 Cohens
Braid (Anzic Records)
Reviewed by Mark F. Turner

Steven Bernstein Interview

Sex Mob’s Bernstein is interviewed about playing all over the world.

When the nine-year-old NYC club Tonic closed its doors in April, many saw it as the last gasp of the Downtown Scene. With the Knitting Factory long ago having abandoned its more experimental roots, the distinctive brand of rock-tinged jazz that had flourished in the area for more than 25 years was left effectively homeless. Even CBGB’s is gone. Besides, Brooklyn has been crowned the new Village and John Zorn has been officially designated a Genius. So is the Downtown Scene a museum piece?

Slide trumpeter/bandleader Steven Bernstein had been there since before the beginning, but sees these developments from a more optimistic perspective. “When I joined the Lounge Lizards,” Bernstein recalls, “I realized that what we do is as related to Andy Warhol as it is to Ornette Coleman and Mingus and the Art Ensemble. Downtown had occasioned that sensibility, and that sensibility is now from another era. But we’re infiltrating the world slowly. It’s such a slow creep that some people don’t even realize it, but it’s getting out there in a small, subversive way. We don’t have a center anymore, but I feel like we’ve disseminated into the world.”

Upcoming at the Bohemian National Home

From the Bohemian National Home


Thurs. Nov. 29: Capillary Action, Wildcatting
The first time at Bohemian National Home, Capillary Action backed-up Fugazi’s Joe Lally with understated accompaniment. Now they return to do a full set of their own material, full of unexpected changes and genre-hopping. Detroit’s Wildcatting keep their instrumental music more firmly rooted in great guitar-rock, but with plenty of suprising tricks of their own. Doors at 9 pm; $5.

Friday. Nov. 30: Last Friday Funk and Soul Night
Detroit’s dance all-nighter, once again featuring the Modern Room. Doors at 12 pm; $5. 21 and up only.

12/17 (the) giants of gender
12/18 Frode Gjerstad Trio plus Aram Shelton (solo)
12/21 Zoos of Berlin, Child Bite
12/29 Awesome Color, Human Eye

2/19 Halvorson/Shea