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27 February 2006

Roscoe Mitchell Quintet
Turn (RogueArt)
by Troy Collins

Even with four decades of involvement with creative improvised music, Roscoe Mitchell forges onward, ever evolving and still vital.

Agustí Fernández & Peter Kowald
Sea of Lead (Hopscotch)
by Derek Taylor

There are various junctures where Fernández steals the show with his aggressive ingenuity and resolve toward stretching the physical parameters of the piano.

Mary Lou Williams Collective
Zodiac Suite : Revisited (Mary)
by David Dupont

The Collective, actually Geri Allen’s working trio, presents Williams’ 12-movement composition with three other related pieces generously filling out the CD’s playing time.

Stephen Gauci Trio
First, Keep Quiet (CIMP)
by Jay Collins

Though previous records showcase Gauci within looser constructs, the stones previously laid down provide an accurate glimpse into the assortment presented here.

The Drift
Noumena (Temporary Residence)
by Daniel Spicer

Tight and structured, intellectual and calculated, yet has enough surprises and moments of blissed-out trance to satisfy any diehard disciple of swing.

Faust European Tour

The legendary Faust will be playing Europe in April.

Krautrock legendary band Faust will be doing a short tour in Europe during April which includes the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Germany. The current lineup is formed by Hans-Joachim Irmler (keyboard), Steven Wray Lobdell (guitar), Michael Stoll (bass, flute), Lars Paukstat (percussion, vocals), Jan Fride-Wolbrandt (drums), and John Silk (sound).

Tour dates:
-7 April: Haarlem, Netherlands, Toon Festival
-8 April: Antwerp, Belgium, Luchtbal
-14 April: Porto, Portugal, Casa da Musica
-30 April: Krems Klangraum, Donau Festival 2006

March at the Empty Bottle

Chicago’s Empty Bottle offers its usual varied lineup.

TUE. 3/7/06 (9:30pm; $5)
The Chicago Improvisers Series presents:
The Vandermark Five label: Atavistic
THE VANDERMARK FIVE return, celebrating their tenth year performing as a part of The Chicago Improvisers Series, a legendary tenure driven by creative ambitiousness and an astute dedication to craft. The FIVE have recently re-tooled, and the line up – in addition to percussionist TIM DAISY, bassist KENT KESSLER, reedists DAVE REMPIS and KEN VANDERMARK – now includes cellist FRED LONBERG-HOLM. Let us be the first to congratulate VANDERMARK and the many talented musicians that have been a part of the CIS – we’re all looking forward to the next ten years, for sure.

WED. 3/15/06 (9:30pm; $8)
Town & Country (record release) label: Box Media, Thrill Jockey
Lichens label: Holy Mountain, Kranky
Supreme Court
Experimental ensemble TOWN & COUNTRY will be celebrating a new full length here, Thrill Jockey release Up Above. While still primarily concerned with minimalist tenets, Up Above is a departure of sorts, in that it includes newly acquired eastern instruments and vocal arrangements, elements that compliment and expand upon a compositional song craft that few can match. LICHENS is a random multi-instrumental endeavor that typically (but not always) uses guitars, pedals and vocals to create affecting, lingering dronescapes. Full length The Psychic Nature of Being was issued last year by Holy Mountain and Kranky, respectively, an album that Broken Face has called “simply stunning, epic and totally timeless.” Inestimable disc jockey SUPREME COURT will open, and will then spin throughout.

SUN. 3/26/06 (9:30pm; $7)
Grey Daturas (Australia) label: Crashing Jets
Miles Tillman label: Toytronic, Consumers Research & Development Label
Mark Denardo
Australian trio GREY DATURAS play music that is difficult to categorize – improvisational instrumental noise rock that defies easy characterizations. They’ll be touring the US in support of their latest offering, Dead in the Woods, an album that The Wire has said is intent on “wiping all that is bright, clean and decent from the sunkissed land and drowning it in a muddy grave at the gape of the Pacific.” OMAC will play third, an 8-bit-based hip-hop / punk hybrid inspired by the JACK KIRBY comic of the same name. OMAC member and electronic composer MILES TILLMAN will perform a set of his own material, an artist XLR8R has called a “grossly under-rated American talent.” MARK DENARDO incorporates acoustic guitar, Game Boy and vocals to create what Artforum has called “elegant folkie creations,” playing what ReadyMade has described as a “heady mix of chip music, guitar and vocals.”

MON. 3/27/06 (9:30pm; Free!)
Maritime (record release) label: DeSoto, Flameshovel
Matthew Kerstein related: Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
The Race label: Flameshovel
An independent supergroup, of sorts, MARITIME is the latest musical endeavor from former DISMEMBERMENT PLAN member ERIC AXELSON and former PROMISE RING members DAN DIDIER and DAVY VON BOHLEN. The group have a handful of releases to their credit, an EP and two LPS that have been meet with acclaim from both critics and fans alike. They’ll be joined by former SCOTLAND YARD GOSPEL CHOIR member MATTHEW KERSTEIN. KERSTEIN will be fronting a new seven-piece project under his own name, continuing in the fine songwriter tradition he established with his former group. This will be their Empty Bottle debut. Beloved independent rock group THE RACE return, after a brief hiatus from performing, recording and writing. The band has apparently been reconfigured a bit, so we’re anxious to see what direction the newly reformed project takes.

TUE. 3/28/06 (10:00pm; $10)
Grimble Grumble label: Pehr Label
Experimental pop band MAGNUS will play second, supporting their third release, Portable Sun. The Big Takeover has said of them “they just let the delighting, surprising turns in their tightly-written and executed music speak volumes.” Languid space rocking four piece GRIMBLE GRUMBLE will open, a group that plays dense, swirling guitar noise that references the finer elements of drone, noise and psych. A special guest headliner will be announced shortly.

WED. 3/29/06 (9:30pm; $8)
Hive Mind label: American Tapes, Chondritic Sound, Gods of Tundra, Heavy Tapes
Mark Solotroff related: Bloodyminded
NC label: Ides Recordings
Roxanne Jean Polise label: Russolo’s Brain
At a performance here last September, HIVE MIND played one of the year’s finest sets, a fucking mindblower that stole the show. (And this was on a program that featured noise legend MERZBOW…no easy feat.) We’re so, so ready for another look. BLOODYMINDED frontman MARK SOLOTROFF will be performing solo, “multiple microphone madness” that is sure to delight. The mysterious NC will also make an appearance, and we’re told to expect “sheltered guitar reflections from an isolated entity.” Low level noise deviant ROXANNE JEAN POLISE will play second, and SILVUM open, bringing in “droning anti-music for lovers.”

THU. 3/30/06 (9:30pm; $8)
Singleman Affair label: Cardboard Sangria
Liz Janes & Create (!) label: Asthmatic Kitty related: Sufjan Stevens
Half Handed Cloud label: Asthmatic Kitty
Psych-influenced folk project SINGLEMAN AFFAIR headlines, weaving “together vocal melodies, sitar, and guitar with distant atmospherics and melodies.” Done Gone Fire, the debut album from LIZ JANES, was produced by wunderkind talent SUFJAN STEVENS after a tape of JANES’ work was passed to him without her knowledge. The album brings together a wide range of influences, and the resulting ‘secret lullabies and gospel tunes’ are endlessly appealing. JANES, according to Venus “knows how to write songs that sound like they have been around for decades.” Another SUFJAN relative (a member of the ILLINOISMAKERS), HALF-HANDED CLOUD will open, a multi-instrumentalist concerned with matters both celestial and secular. He’s recently issued a new full length, Halos and Lassos, an album Pitchfork describes as being of “a baroque minimalism that compresses songs in time, but keeps them sonically vibrant.”