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Upcoming concerts, Jan., ‘O6:

Thursday, Jan. 5th, ‘O6, 1O p.m. (Juini Booth playing solo at 8pm): Marc Ribot’s Spiritual Unity Quartet w/ Roy Campbell, Jr. & Chad Taylor & featuring Henry Grimes, the Stone, northwest corner of Ave. C & 2nd St., New York City (no phone), http://www.thestonenyc.com/calendar.php, F or V train to 2nd Ave. or 14th St. buses traveling east on 14th St. and south to Houston St.

Saturday, Jan. 14th: Jemeel Moondoc w/ Connie Crothers & Henry Grimes, the Stone (see above), 8 & 1O p.m.

Saturday, Jan. 21st: Henry Grimes & Roswell Rudd, the Stone (see above), 8 & 1O p.m.

Sunday, Jan. 22nd: Marc Ribot’s Spiritual Unity (see Jan. 5th, above), Winter Jazzfest, showcases for Association of Performing Arts Presenters at the Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard St. betw. Church St. & Broadway 5 blocks below Canal, New York City, 212-219-3OO6, http://www.knittingfactory.com, 15 groups playing from 6 p.m. (Dave Burrell/ Vijay Iyer/ John Medeski/ Pyeng Threadgill, & more), #1 train to Franklin St. or #6 to Canal St. or any other trains that stop at Canal St.


Saturday, Feb. 25 at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY:
Henry Grimes workshop in Bard Hall at 4 p.m; Henry Grimes Quartet featuring Marilyn Crispell & Tani Tabbal + special guest Roswell Rudd, concert in Olin Auditorium at 8 p.m., 845-876-7666, -7425 (Bard Center), 800-227-3265, http://www.bard.edu/jazzatbard, StPierre@bard.edu, corleone62@aol.com.

One Final Note Reviews

The latest from One Final Note:

19 December 2005

Rob Brown Quartet
Radiant Pools (RogueArt)
by Troy Collins

Featuring a different lineup and a change in overall intensity from last year’s The Big Picture, this is a far more measured, yet still dynamic session.

Trio X
Moods: Playing with the Elements (CIMP)
by Dan Rose

Space, emotion, and creative attention abide in every moment on this disc.

Blue Collar
Lovely Hazel (Public Eyesore)
by Derek Taylor

Wooley, Swell, and Nakatani’s shared sound is reminiscent of Bill Dixon’s work, but with a more industrial bent.

Objets Trouvés
Fragile (Intakt)
by Jay Collins

Friedl, Streiff, Schlegel, and Ulrich make an attuned unit that is able to switch gears easily, often making improvisatory moments sound codified and vice versa.

Jacob Garchik
Abstracts (Yestereve)
by David Dupont

Garchik favors a language that always seems to be negotiating the terms of tonality: not quite out, not quite in.

482 Music to Release New Tom Abbs

482 Music has announced a new release.

AVON, CT — 482 Music will kick off its 2006 release schedule on January 24th with Tom Abbs & Frequency Response’s The Animated Adventures of Knox (482-1039), a two-disc set featuring a DVD movie and its CD soundtrack. A combination of avant-jazz and avant-cinema, this project was produced, directed and edited by New York-based multi-instrumentalist/filmmaker Tom Abbs and is based on his narrative and video graphic score. This is Frequency Response’s second release, and features Abbs, violinist Jean Cook, cellist Okkyung Lee, multi-reedists Oscar Noriega and Alex Harding, and drummer/vibraphonist Chad Taylor. The complete list of film credits is available at http://www.knoxmovie.com

“The Animated Adventures of Knox tells a story of innocence, treachery, madness and redemption,” Abbs explains. “It depicts an internal struggle that nearly tears our hero apart: an escalating war of sound and color. Each character is represented by a single musician and is symbiotically tied into the dream-like visuals. >From the perfection of Knox’s infancy to the complex neurosis of his adulthood, the interaction of the characters and images fight for balance. The music was recorded to a video graphic score giving entrances, texture and emotion for each role. The movie was then shot and edited to match the recorded musical story. If you listen carefully you can hear the moment madness comes.”

Abbs plays a number of instruments (including dijeridoo, cello, violin, and flute), but critics have singled him out as a “force of nature on the bass and tuba” (Time Out-New York) capable of being “exceptionally tasteful and supportive” (Chicago Reader), “a field of energy that feeds the group” (Cadence) and “a virtual mountain of polyrhythmic bedrock” (One Final Note). In the liner notes for a recent release, acclaimed bassist William Parker called him “a link to the future and the past…a living, growing musician who only reminds me of one other musician and that is Tom Abbs.” Abbs has performed and recorded since age eleven, and attended the New School’s Jazz and Contemporary Music Program before embarking on a full-time performing career in 1992. His sideman credits include work with Lawrence “Butch” Morris, Charles Gayle, Daniel Carter, Cooper-Moore, Steve Swell, Roy Campbell Jr., Sabir Mateen, Ori Kaplan, Jemeel Moondoc, Assif Tsahar, Borah Bergman, Billy Bang, Andrew Lamb, Warren Smith and many others. He is currently a member of the collective groups Triptych Myth, Yugnaut and Transmitting, and in addition to leading Frequency Response tours with his solo multi-media project, Multifarious. Along with his performing career, and artist residencies though the New York public school system, he is the founder of Jump Arts, voted “Best Arts Collective in New York City” in 2000 by New York Press.