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Ahvak at Le Triton Festival

Posted: June 30, 2005 by Mike in Performances

More photos of Ahvak from Le Triton are available.

Meat Beat Manifesto Tour Info

Posted: June 30, 2005 by Mike in Performances

latest tour info from MBM:

Meat Beat in the Land of the Rising Sun
Meat Beat Manifesto make their first trip to Japan in years for the following two dates:
FRI JUL 22 Tokyo, JP – Unit
SAT JUL 23 Osaak, JP – Noon
Meat Beat are also looking into shows in Australia or New Zealand to coincide with this trip. Stay tuned!!!

Unfortunately, this means the second leg US tour (South/West) plans have been pushed back to August or September with European dates hopefully the fall. All will be posted here when they’re officialized.

Utech Records Releases

Posted: June 30, 2005 by Mike in Releases

Some new efforts comin soon from Utech Records:

Leslie Keffer “Represents” [012] Analog electronics from Ohio.
Lotte Anker “Six Row Barley” [013] Electro/Acoustic improv from Denmark.

Still in the works for July/August:
Henrik Rylander ³Possible Risk for Pulpal Reactions² [014]
Sepia Trio ³Cleft² [015]
Audiotrope ³Feedback for the Nation² [016]
Jazkamer ³Ninguna Diversión² [017]

Zorn Plays Malta

Posted: June 29, 2005 by Mike in Performances

A relatively new Zorn trio will play the Isle of Malta’s jazz festival this summer.


Posted: June 29, 2005 by Mike in General

A few random things that found their way into the AMN inbox:

Innovative sound-sculptor Basil Kirchin has passed away. Jazzman Graham Collier has a detailed site that is worth a peruse or two. Jenny Lin is a talented pianist who will be playing out in New York soon. Speaking of New York, the Bahai Center features jazz performances and the 20-piece ConceptualMotion Orchestra will appear there on August 23rd. And finally, a very cool announcement, that Bridge Records will be reissuing rare Library of Congress recordings for the next 10 years.

Tune(Out))) Side

Posted: June 29, 2005 by Mike in Performances

Somethin of a unique event, Tune(Out))) Side works as follows:

Installation and live performance featuring sound performers playing into transmitters, rather than amplifiers. There is no amplified sound in the listening space, only ambient crowd noise. Attendees use a radio with headphones to hear the simultanous performances on several frequencies. Also features Video Tune(In))), featuring live performances and a selection of archived free103point9 performances, with audio only available through radio receivers.

Martin Tetrault Article

Posted: June 29, 2005 by Mike in Interviews

An article covers the basic methods of turntablist Martin Tetrault.