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Sounds Like Now Festival Reminder

Posted: October 7, 2004 by Mike in General

The 2004 Sounds Like Now festival will be taking place soon. If you’re in New York, take note. The lineup includes:

Thursday, Oct 14 8PM
Progressive Dinner 1: “Blue” Gene Tyranny
Annea Lockwood
Petr Kotik
Alvin Lucier
Thomas Buckner

Friday, Oct 15 8PM
Progressive Dinner 2: BGT & Jon Gibson
Jin Hi Kim
David Behrman
Muhal Richard Abrams/Roscoe Mitchell

Saturday Oct 16 2PM
Progressive Dinner 3: BGT & JG & Peter Zummo
Robert Ashley
Jim Staley
David Rosenboom
Douglas Ewart

Saturday Oct 16 8PM
Progressive Dinner 4: BGT & JG & PZ & Leroy Jenkins
Joshua Fried
Pauline Oliveros/Deep Listening Band
Phill Niblock
Downtown Ensemble (William Hellermann/Daniel Goode/Mary Jane Leach/Peter Zummo)

Sunday Oct 17 2PM
Progressive Dinner 5: BGT & JG & PZ & LJ & Mark Dresser
William Duckworth/Cathedral Band
Fast Forward
Carl Stone
Nicolas Collins
Michael J. Schumacher

Sunday Oct 17 8PM
Progressive Dinner 6: BGT & JG & PZ & LJ & MD & Roscoe Mitchell
David First & Tom Hamilton
Joan La Barbara
Kyle Gann
48nord & George Lewis
Morton Subotnick

Jim Black on Tour

Posted: October 7, 2004 by Mike in General

Jim Black is touring for most of October and November. Check his site for details.

New Matthew Shipp Reviewed

Posted: October 7, 2004 by Mike in General

A review of Shipp’s latest release is available.