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Not often do you get to see these three together…

Saturday, January 31st – Bowery Poetry Club – 308 Bowery St – New York NY Tel 212 614 0505 ( Admission $10. Starts at 7pm Paul Rogers (solo) and trio w. Nick Didkovsky (prepared guitars) and Kevin Norton (percussion).

Note that the site doesn’t seem to be working right now…

Edgard Varese

Posted: January 29, 2004 by Mike in General

A Varese page has been published, with a short history of the composer and his works, as well as pictures and links.

RER USA and the Mini-RIO Fest

Posted: January 28, 2004 by Mike in General

RER USA is the latest offshoot of Recommended Records, and features online mail order, as well as their own releases.

They are also sponsoring a night of music:

ReR USA Presents:


Janet Feder
Thomas Dimuzio
Hamster Theatre
Chris Cutler

Fri, April 16, 8:00 PM Cervante’s Ballroom, Denver Colorado
email sales@rerusa for addn. details

A Listener's First Experience With Stockhausen

Posted: January 28, 2004 by Mike in General

A somewhat humorous article describes how the author went into listening to Stockhausen with an open mind.

The Bottom Line Closes

Posted: January 27, 2004 by Mike in General

A source of live creative music for decades, the Bottom Line in New York has recently closed.

These two touring ensembles will be playing Chicago’s Empty Bottle in upcoming months.

Oliver Lake on Tour

Posted: January 26, 2004 by Mike in General

A few dates have been posted on Oliver’s site.