Cafe OTO in December

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Source: Cafe OTO.

Tuesday 1 December 2015, 8pm
Kammer Klang:
Oliver Coates &Amp; Lawrence Lek + Jessie Marino with We Spoke + Fresh Klang: Philippe Daerendinger
£9 £7 Advance £6 Members

Wednesday 2 December 2015, 8pm
Charlemagne Palestine with Grumbling Fur
£14 £12 Advance £10 Members

Thursday 3 December 2015, 8pm
Han-earl Park / Dominic Lash / Mark Sanders / Caroline Pugh + John Russell / Billy Steiger / Terry Day
£10 £8 Advance Free for Members

5–6 December 2015
Exploratorio Weekend – Celebrating 50 Years of amm
More Info &Amp; Tickets

Monday 7 December 2015, 8pm
Fred Van Hove / Roger Turner (Duo)
£12 £10 Advance Free for Members

Tuesday 8 December 2015, 7pm
Paul Abbott – Tender Interval
Free Event

Tuesday 8 December 2015, 8pm
Dissolve Specific Objects:
Dalglish + Joe Gilmore + Lee Fraser
£12 £10 Advance £8 Members

Wednesday 9 December 2015, 8pm
Sound Matter Ii – Sharon Gal / David Toop / Sylvia Hallett &Amp; Beibei Wang
£10 £8 Advance £6 Members

10–12 December 2015
Reality Check: Mark Fell – Three Day Residency

Sunday 13 December 2015, 8pm
Joanne Robertson (Band) + Manuela + John T. gast
£8 £6 Advance £4 Members

Monday 14 December 2015, 8pm
Erikm &Amp; Martin Brandlmayr + Mari Ohno
£10 £8 Advance £5 Members

Tuesday 15 December 2015, 7pm
Limpe Fuchs Workshop
£12 £10 Advance £7 Members

Wednesday 16 December 2015, 8pm
Desmadrados Soldados DE Ventura + Yerba Mansa + Chalaque + Birchall / Cheetham / Webster / Willberg
£8 £6 Advance £4 Members

Saturday 19 December 2015, 8pm
Goodiepal with Daniel S. Bøtcher + Grøn + Nynne Robertah Pedersen Pedersen
£6 £4 Advance Free for Members

Sunday 20 December 2015, 8pm
Dan Melchior + Blood Stereo
£8 £6 Advance £4 Members

Boring Machines Releases

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Source: Boring Machines.

New project, old friends: Everest Magma is the latest incarnation of the hypher-profilic man behind Rella the Woodcutter, that has already a number of releases on our label. In recent years he put aside his pshych-folk attitude and put his hands on a bunch of machines, tape recorders and pedal effects. The results confirm the guy’s gifted by an above the average inspiration and desire to push towards the extreme borders of any matter he tries to confront with. Modern / Antique Recorded in the solitary Summer of 2014, while all the neighborhood was on vacation, Modern / Antique is the first set of tracks of the multifaceted spectrum of sounds he was willing to study.

FABIO ORSI – Открытка из России (Postcards from Russia) PHOTO BOX + TAPE
Fabio Orsi has more than 30 records under his belt, distributed amongst the best labels worldwide, including Boring Machines of course. His work is internationally renowned as one of its kind by more than a decade. Beside his musical activities, he always favoured his passion for photography, snapping relentlessy stills of everyday life with a particular eye for the moment, instead of the pose. In recent years he toured Russia four times and he collected a lot of pictures during his long travels between the cities he played. Postcards from Russia is the result of a painful selection between hundreds of images: 48 single colour prints in A4 format which shows intimate moments or everyday life, always with an unmistakable instinct for the right moment to shoot the picture.

Igloo Magazine Reviews

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Source: Igloo Magazine.

Stephan Mathieu :: Nachtstücke (Schwebung)
A WINTER TRANSMISSION :: Bersarin Quartett, Saffronkeira, Subheim
Markus Guentner :: Theia (A Strangely Isolated Place)
Kangding Ray :: Cory Arcane (Raster-Noton)
Sound Awakener & Linear Bells :: Belonging to the Infinity (Soft)

Vital Weekly Reviews 1008

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Source: Vital Weekly.

Autistici – Temporal Enhancement (Cd by Dronarivm) *
Rooie Waas – Rooie Waas (Cd by Kaiserlabel)
Machinefabriek with Anne Bakker – Deining (Cd by Machinefabriek) *
Rodolphe Alexis – the Glittering Thing on the Mountain (Cd by Gruenrekorder) *
Sleepland – for Silentseeing (Cd by White Paddy Mountain) *
Ivar Grydeland – Stop Freeze Wait Eat (Cd by Hubro) *
Jean-luc Fafchamps – Gentle Electronics (Cd/dvd by Sub Rosa) *
Christopher Riggs &Amp; Carl Testa – Sn (Cd by Gold Bolus Records) *
Barchan – Soliton (Cd by Silken Tofu) *
all Shadows and Deliverance – Partus (Lp by Silken Tofu)
Onrust – Tagore/luthuli (Lp by Silken Tofu)
Köhn/filip Gheysen – Tussen DE Platen En DE Ijskoffie (Cassette by Silken Tofu)
Jacob Kirkegaard – Arc (Lp by Holotype Records) *
Michalis Moschoutis – Nylon (Lp by Holotype Records) *
Richard Ginns – Until the Morning Comes (Cdr by Eilean Records) *
Hopek Quirin – 6 Or 7 (Cdr by Hak) *
Alfredo Costa Monteiro – Anima (Cdr plus Book by Lenka Lente) *
Thorsten Soltau &Amp; J. Adolphe – Red Cliffs (Cassette by Geräuschmanufaktur)
Creation Through Destruction &Amp; Maurizio Bianchi – Defunction &Amp; Annulment (Cassette by Geräuschmanufaktur)
Sterile Garden – Deliverance in Disturbances (Cassette by Geräuschmanufaktur) – Kursabhängig (Cassette by Geräuschmanufaktur)
Stefan Christoff/post Mortem – Tape Crash #12 (Cassette by Old Bicycle Records)
Red Brut – Rebirth (Cassette by Cold Milk)
MS. blueballs – Radioballs (Cassette by Cold Milk)

Something Else! Reviews

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Source: Something Else!

Louis Minus XVI – Kindergarten (2015)
Ivo Perelman, Mat Maneri + Tanya Kalmanovitch – Villa Lobos Suite (2015)
Ivo Perelman and Matthew Shipp – Complementary Colors (2015)
Will Mason Ensemble – Beams of the Huge Night (2015)
White Out with Nels Cline – Accidental Sky (2015)
Sopko Laswell Pridgen – Sopko Laswell Pridgen (2015)
Jon Irabagon – Inaction Is An Action (2015)
Mary Halvorson – Meltframe (2015)
Mike Pride – Listening Party (2015)

The Squid’s Ear Reviews

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Source: The Squid’s Ear.

Coclea (Shhpuma)
John Lely and Anton Lukoszevieze – The Harmonics of Real Strings (Another Timbre)
Dave Burrell and Steve Swell – Turning Point
Tom Chant / John Edwards / Eddie Prevost – All Change

Music on the Edge New York Debut 

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Source: The New York Times.

The New York debut of Music on the Edge, on Tuesday, wasn’t predictable at all. This ensemble is based in Pittsburgh and directed by Mathew Rosenblum and Mr. Moe, whose morsel was played with conviction by Lindsey Goodman. The group was celebrating its 25th anniversary season with a filling spread at SubCulture.