AMN Picks of the Week: Ligeia Mare / Gush / Oiseaux-Tempête / Stephen Haynes

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Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Ligeia Mare – Amplifier (2015)
Gush – The March (2015)
Oiseaux-Tempête – Utopiya (2015)
Stephen Haynes – Pomegranate (2015)

Mike Pride Interview

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English: Mike Pride with Locksmith Isidore at ...

From Jazz Right Now:

Mike Pride may have moved out of New York City proper, but he is no less involved in the creative music scene. In fact, in the first half of 2015, Pride has a flurry of exciting and diverse new releases including 2 by Period, a self-titled release by Pulverize the Sound, Raoul with the group Spanish Donkey, and Listening Party, his long-awaited debut solo release. As always, Pride is pushing the boundaries while defying definition as an artist. As one of creative music’s great mavericks over the past 15 years, Pride has established himself despite being from a generation that is crowded with drum talent. Building on some of the revolutionary work that figures such as Jim Black pioneered in the 1990s, Pride has also pushed forward along his own path while drawing from an array of genres as diverse as metal, punk, noise, and classic jazz. Today, Pride remains one of the most interesting and unpredictable improvisers in New York, and his new records all deserve serious attention.

Vital Weekly 984 Reviews

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From Vital Weekly:

Banabila & Machinefabriek – Error Log (Cd by Tapu Records) *
Daniel Lercher – Missa Brevis (Cd by Cmafu Nocords) *
the 23s – Flamingo (Cd by Karaoke Kalk) *
Will Samson & Heimer – Animal Hands (Cd by Karaoke Kalk) *
Philippe Petit – Multicoloured Shadows (Cd by Aagoo Records) *
Tamas – Tamas (Cd by Ti Records)
Niton – Tiresias (Cd by Pulver & Asche)
Emmannuel Mailly – Rodeo Ranger (Cd, Private)
Whirl – Revolving Rapidly Around an Axis (Cd by Den)
D Bayne – Meditations on Present Time (Cd by Luminescence Records) *
ØKapi – Pruffoli (Cd by Onglagoo Records)
Frogbelly and Symphony – Blue Bright Ow Sleep (Cd by Labelship)
Act – Lilurarik Ez (Cd, Private)
Ozmatic & Fennesz – Aireffect (Cd by Folk Wisdom) *
Pauline Oliveros/zeena Parkins (Lp by Lucky Kitchen/serralves)
Robert Piotrowicz & Lukas Jiricka – Samoobrona (Lp by Bolt Records)
Jliat & Dyecap – the Anti-deleuzian (Cdr by Pre-arlophone Records) *
Lauki – Waiting for the Thaw (Cdr by Luscinia) *
Genital Warts – Parappaio (Cdr by Viande Records) *
Gehirn. Implosion – Der Weg Geht Weiter (Cdr by Tosom) *
Joda Clement – I Hope You Like the Universe (Cassette by Notice Recordings) *
Prants – Hot Shaker Meet Lead Donut (Cassette by Notice Recordings) *

Igloo Magazine Reviews

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From Igloo Magazine:

SiJ :: The Earth Shrine (ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ)
Offthesky & Pleq :: A Thousand Fields (Infraction)
To Destroy A City :: Sunless (n5MD)
Brandon Hurtado :: Other Spaces (Moreau)
Squarepusher :: Damogen Furies (Warp)
Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo :: Doropea (Old Bicycle)
Gacha :: Send Two Sunsets (Apollo)

Jason Eckardt Profiled

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From Burning Ambulance:

The music of Jason Eckardt (b. 1971) posits complexity and technical difficulty as core expressive and artistic values. That is, Eckardt’s music is (in part) a celebration of the physical and psychological acts of performance at levels that stretch the abilities of performers to execute the score and for audiences to follow them on the musical journey.

This perceptual difficulty is central as well—you are not expected to hear everything that is going on in one of Eckardt’s compositions, certainly not on first listening. Rather, it seems to me, that what we, the audience, are expected to hear, what we need to hear, is the emotional/expressive content of the musical gestures as they pass by. These gestures add up to a musical-expressive experience, whether we are able to “understand” them on a detailed level or not.

AMN Reviews: Edith Alonso – Rostros en la Multitud (Luscinia)

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lus_19Edith Alonso is a Madrid-based pianist and composer and this is her first solo collection, the premier recording of three radiophonic glimpses of faces in the crowd. Her themes reveal an activist artist, and she takes on the big ones – decision-making, human relationships (especially in a time of certain imaginary borders being erased while others are shored up), and the passage of time – with graciousness and conviction.

“La gente que viene” deals with the plight of the immigrant, conveying with a sense of breaking-news urgency pain, confusion, power and powerlessness in an intense three and a half minutes.

“La dernière parti” pokes around in the mind (hearken to whistling, cavernous winds), using a multitude of French (hearken to stereotypical swirling accordion) chess games as a metaphor – for intellectual exercise and for teaching our children well (hearken to the accordion transformed into sharp, broken fragments as synapses fire). The sound of the pieces being poured out onto the board for a fresh game is particularly satisfying.

“Atardecer en un patio” celebrates the corralas of Madrid, public housing with long communal balconies built around an open courtyard that has been a municipal staple for several hundred years. It is by far the longest and by far the most multivocal, and it is here Alonso´s musical interventions are most palpable, from dancing clarinet to electronic wobble and squawk. The sprawling piece symphonizes the vitality of the men, women, kids and livestock that live there, makes conversation, peddler´s calls and good-natured arguments rhythmic. Crowded and crawling with life like an Ettore Scola movie.

Stephen Fruitman

Le Guess Who? Festival, November in Utrecht

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English: Amaury Cambuzat with Faust performing...

From Le Guess Who?:

We are proud to announce the first artists to perform at Le Guess Who? Festival 2015, which takes place November 19-22 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This year’s festival will include a very special four-day program presented by drone heavyweights Sunn O))).

Festival highlights include Faust, The Necks, Sunn O))), Annette Peacock, Magma, The Crazy WOrld of Arthur Brown, and many others.