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August 22, 2015
Per Oddvar Johansen & Trygve Seim, MIR, Oslo
Per Oddvar Johansen Trygve Seim

August 22, 2015
Natalie Sandtorv & Steve Beresford, Cappelens Forslag, Oslo
Steve Beresford Natalie Sandtorv

August 22, 2015
Kristoffer Alberts & Nick Stephens, Cappelens Forslag, Oslo
Kristoffer Alberts Nick Stephens

August 22, 2015
Bauer-Anker Kvartett, MIR, Oslo
Lotte Anker Johannes Bauer John Edwards Paul Lovens

August 22, 2015
Extended Ground with Frode Gjerstad & Martin Küchen, MIR, Oslo
Ivar Asheim Magnus Eide Frode Gjerstad Henrik Håland Martin Küchen Steinar Mossige Oskar Rydh Johan Simonsen Thomas Strønen

August 22, 2015
Kresten Osgood Organ Bonanza, MIR, Oslo
Dag Erik Knedal Andersen Lotte Anker Frode Barth Paulinho Bicolor Henrik Håland Per Oddvar Johansen Martin Küchen Paul Lovens Joe McPhee Magnus Skavhaug Nergaard Paal Nilssen-Love Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø Kresten Osgood Trygve Seim Ståle Liavik Solberg

Boston Modern Orchestra Project Fall Season

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The Boston Modern Orchestra Project is recognized as the leading orchestra in the United States dedicated exclusively to performing 20th- and 21st-century music, and its signature record label, BMOP/sound, is solely devoted to new music recordings.

Source: Boston Modern Orchestra Project.


Performance Start Times
October 18 + November 22, 3:00 PM (Pre-­concert talk 2:00 PM) January 22 + March 25, 8:00 PM (Pre-­concert talk 7:00 PM)

10.18.15 Resilient Voices: 1915-­2015
Program: Komitas, Hovhaness, Shostakovich, Mansurian
Guest artists: Nareh Arghamanyan, piano, Harvard-­Radcliffe Collegium Musicum, and Boston University’s Marsh Chapel Choir

11.22.15 Gunther Schuller Memorial Concert
Program: Schuller’s Journey Into Jazz and The Fisherman and His Wife (one-­act opera)

1.22.16 The New Bradenburgs
Program: Inspired by J.S. Bach’s six Bradenburg Concertos, the New Bradenburg Project’s six commissioned works by Kernis, Wagner, Maxwell Davies, Theofanidis, Hartke, Moravec

3.25.16 Child Alice
Program: David Del Tredici’s Child Alice (Complete)


Jordan Hall, 30 Gainsborough Street, Boston, MA, T: Green to Symphony

Avantwhatever in September

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Source: Melbourne’s Avantwhatever.

Avantwhatever Monthly – September 2015

Internet – Siân Robinson Davies & Diego Chamy (Video)
Score – Amy-Jo Jory + T. R. Carter (Sound & performance)
Travers Nash (Pipes, motors, glass, etc)

The Alderman
134 Lygon St
Saturday September 12
Entry $10 | 3pm

Avantwhatever Monthly is held at The Alderman in Brunswick. This will be the last show for this year.

Taka Kigawa at Le Poisson Rouge Reviewed

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Source: The New York Times.

The works on Mr. Kigawa’s syllabus — the two books of Debussy’s “Images,” Tristan Murail’s “Territoires de l’Oubli” and Marco Stroppa’s “Traiettoria … Deviata”— were far more similar than they were different. In Mr. Kigawa’s hands, they were investigations of the lives and deaths of sounds. As he moved through the program, you became increasingly sensitive to just how much of what you hear from a piano is a mysterious interplay of tones, sometimes long after the keys have been struck.

10 Things Sun Ra Can Teach Us About Band Leadership

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Source: Soundfly.

In the early 1950s Ra formed the immensely influential Arkestra, which would become his outlet for experimentation and exploration into “space jazz” for the rest of his life. He led the Arkestra like no other bandleader in history, as a musical director but also a spiritual and philosophical leader. The band still performs today, is named after him and dedicated to him.

Upcoming New York City Concerts

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John Zorn (cropped version)

Source: Jazz Right Now.

Concert Listings forSeptember 2015

September 1 (Tuesday)

CONCERT PICK! Old Growth Forest: Jeb Bishop, Tony Malaby, Jason Roebke, Harris Eisenstadt
The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
Danny Fox Trio with Chris Van Voorst Van Beest, Max Goldman; Phase Reader: Jake Henry, Sam Weinberg, Andrew Smiley, Jason Nazary
Korzo 9, 10:30 pm

September 2 (Wednesday)

CONCERT PICK! Lucumi Songs and Rhythms: John Amira, Lorne Watson, Harris Eisenstadt; Tilt Brass: Tim Leopold, Will Lang, Chris McIntyre, James Rogers
The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
While We Still Have Bodies: Michael Foster, Ben Gerstein, Sean Ali, Flin Van Hemmen; Secret Ethan: Sam Weinberg, Jonah Rosenberg, Sam Ospovat
Rye 9, 10:15 pm
Music Now Unit: Ras Moshe, Larry Roland, Lissette Santiago; Spiritchild XspiritMental and Patricia Spears Jones; Ngoma Hill’s Not Your Average String Thing
The Commons 6 pm $10
Jon Irabagon Quartet with Matt Mitchell, Chris Lightcap, Nasheet Waits
Jazz Standard 7:30, 9:30 pm $25
Back to School: Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic, Stephen Gauci, Sam Ospovat
Bar Chord 9 pm

September 3 (Thursday)

CONCERT PICK! Canada Day: Nate Wooley, Matt Bauder, Chris Dingman, Adam Hopkins, Harris Eisenstadt; Canada Day Octet: Jeb Bishop, Anna Webber, Dan Peck, Nate Wooley, Matt Bauder, Chris Dingman, Adam Hopkins, Harris Eisenstadt
The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
September 4 (Friday)

CONCERT PICK! Golden States: Ben Goldberg, Sara Schoenbeck, Marika Hughes, Harris Eisenstadt; Golden States: Sam Bardfeld, Sara Schoenbeck, Chris Hoffman, Harris Eisenstadt
The Stone 8, 10 pm $15

September 5 (Saturday)

CONCERT PICK! Silke Eberhard with Nicolai Noiser, Joe Morris, Tomas Fujiwara
Ibeam Brooklyn 8:30 pm $15
Vinny Golia/Harris Eisenstadt; Mivos Quartet: Olivia de Prato, Josh Modney, Victor Lowrie, Mariel Roberts The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
Lucian Ban/Mat Maneri Barbès 8 pm $10
Angelica Sanchez Trio with Michael Formanek, Tyshawn Sorey
Cornelia Street Café 9, 10:30 pm $10

September 6 (Sunday)

CONCERT PICK! New Vistas: Sylvie Courvoisier, Adam Rudolph, Harris Eisenstadt; New Vistas: James Hurt, Adam Rudolph, Harris Eisenstadt
The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
The Gate: Dan Peck, Tom Blancarte, Brian Osborne with guests
JACK 8 pm $12
Grachan Moncur III Ensemble Minton’s 6:30, 8 pm $10-20
Andrea Wolper Trio with Michael Howell, Ken Filiano
North Square Lounge 12:30, 2 pm

September 7 (Monday)

Kuba Cichocki/Flin van Hemmen; Michael Foster/Anaïs Maviel
Delroy’s Cafe and Wine Bar 9, 10 pm $10

September 8 (Tuesday)

Kyle Nasser, Jeff Miles, Dov Manski, Jason Nazary; Aaron Burnett and The Big Machine with Carlos Homs, Alexander Claffy, Mark Whitfield, Jr.
Korzo 9, 10:30 pm
David Ullmann Quintet with Karel Ruzicka, Chris Dingman, Gary Wang,
Vinnie Sperrazza Cornelia Street Café 8:30 pm $10

September 9 (Wednesday)

CONCERT PICK! Solo Music: Mary Halvorson; Ches Smith
Roulette 8 pm $25
CONCERT PICK! Daniel Levin Quartet with Nate Wooley, Matt Moran, Brandon Lopez
Cornelia Street Café 8:30 pm $10
Carlo Costa Quartet with Jonathan Moritz, Steve Swell, Sean Ali; Michaël Attias, Sean Conly, Mike Pride Rye 9, 10:15 pm
Acoustic Duos: Umberto Petrin, Marco Cappelli, James Ilgenfritz; IDR Italian Doc Remix: Marco Cappelli, Jim Pugliese, Doug Wieselman, Jose Davila, Ken Filiano, Francesco Pellegrino The Stone 8, 10 pm $15

September 10 (Thursday)

CONCERT PICK! Kate Gentile Quartet with Jeremy Viner, Matt Mitchell, Adam Hopkins
Ibeam Brooklyn 8:30, 10 pm $15
Around Sir B. Britten: Rosalie Kaplan, Noah Kaplan, Marco Käppelli, Marco Cappelli; Nublast: Marco Cappelli, Shoko Nagai, Avram Fefer, JT Lewis, Kirk Knuffke, Stomu Takeishi, VJ Andrea Lapsus Pennisi
The Stone 8, 10 pm $15

September 11 (Friday)

CONCERT PICK! Lucian Ban’s Elevation with Abraham Burton, Mat Maneri, John Hébert, Eric McPherson Cornelia Street Café 9, 10:30 pm $10
Kate Gentile Quartet with Jeremy Viner, Matt Mitchell, Adam Hopkins
Ibeam Brooklyn 8:30, 10 pm $15
The Kraken: Philippe Berson, John Turturro, Marco Cappelli; Sonata Per Il Commissario Ricciardi: Andrea Renzi and Marco Cappelli Acoustic Trio with Ken Filiano, Dan Weiss and guest Shoko Nagai
The Stone 8, 10 pm $15

September 12 (Saturday)

CONCERT PICK! W-2: Sam Weinberg, Chris Welcome; Brandon Lopez solo; Gauntlet Quartet: Tom Blancarte, Peter Evans, Dan Peck, Louise D.E. Jensen with guest Sam Pluta New Revolution Arts 8, 9, 10 pm
Tony Malaby Reading Band with Ralph Alessi, John Hébert, Billy Drummond
Cornelia Street Café 9, 10:30 pm $10
Snark Horse: Matt Mitchell, Kate Gentile with Ava Mendoza; Kate Gentile with Michaël Attias, Matt Mitchell, Sean Conly
Ibeam Brooklyn 8:30, 10 pm $15

September 13 (Sunday)

CONCERT PICK! Jaimie Branch’s Crooks with John Welsh, Brandon Lopez, Sam Ospovot; Thomas Helton, Tony Malaby, Whit Dickey JACK 8 pm $12
Adam Rudolph’s Go: Organic Guitar Orchestra: Rez Abbasi, Damon Banks, Domenico Caliri, Marco Cappelli, Roberto Cecchetto, Liberty Ellman, David Gilmore, Maurizio Grandinetti, Jerome Harris, Joel Harrison, Miles Okazaki, Brandon Ross, Kenny Wessel; Ensemble Dissonanzen: Marco Cappelli, Marco Sannini, Tommaso Rossi, Ciro Longobardi The Stone 8, 10 pm $15

September 14 (Monday)

Thomas Helton with Steve Swell, Michael Foster, Michael Evans; Douglas Bradford’s Longest Day of the Year with Patrick Breiner, Christopher Hoffman, Nick Anderson Delroy’s Cafe and Wine Bar 9, 10 pm $10
James Carney/Chris Lightcap; Jon Irabagon Trio with Daniel Levin, Brandon Lopez
Korzo 9, 10:30 pm

September 16 (Wednesday)

CONCERT PICK! Electric Snarkhorse: Matt Mitchell/Kate Gentile with Jon Irabagon, Ava Mendoza; Five Dollar Ferrari: Brad Henkel/Dustin Carlson
Rye 9, 10:15 pm

September 17 (Thursday)

Liberty Ellman Sextet with Steve Lehman, Jonathan Finlayson, Jose Davila, Stephan Crump, Damion Reid Cornelia Street Café 8:30 pm $10

September 18 (Friday)

Jen Shyu solo and with Mat Maneri, Dan Weiss, Satoshi Haga
Rubin Museum 7 pm $20

September 20 (Sunday)

CONCERT PICK! John Zorn’s Bagatelles: Sylvie Courvoisier, Ikue Mori, Jim Black
The Stone 3 pm $20
Red Hook Jazz Festival: Kenny Wessel Quartet with Lisa Parrott, Matt Pavolka, Warren Smith; The Mighty Grinders: Brian Charette, Will Bernard, Eric Kalb; Vinnie Sperrazza Quartet with Loren Stillman, Brandon Seabrook, Eivind Opsvik; Eric Person Trio with Adam Armstrong, Shinnosuke Takahashi; Nate Radley Quintet with John Ellis, Jonny Lam, Gary Wang, Mark Ferber
Urban Meadow 1 pm
Jeremiah Cymerman’s Pale Horse with Brian Chase, Christopher Hoffman and guests
JACK 8 pm $12
James Brandon Lewis/Chad Taylor Duo; James Brandon Lewis Trio with Luke Stewart, Warren Crudup III WhyNot Jazz Room 7, 8:30 pm $10
Lena Bloch, Russ Lossing, Billy Mintz
The Drawing Room 7, 8:30 pm $15

September 21 (Monday)

CONCERT PICK! Pascal Niggenkemper solo; CACAW: Landon Knoblock, Oscar Noriega, Jeff Davis
Delroy’s Cafe and Wine Bar 9, 10 pm $10

September 22 (Tuesday)

CONCERT PICK! Evan Parker’s US Electro-Acoustic Ensemble with George Lewis, Sam Pluta, Craig Taborn, Ned Rothenberg, Peter Evans; Rocket Science: Evan Parker, Peter Evans, Sam Pluta, Craig Taborn The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
Lipchitz: David Grollman/Ryan Krause, Jonathan Wood Vincent, Emilie Lesbros and
Naked Roots Conducive JACK 8 pm

September 23 (Wednesday)

CONCERT PICK! Evan Parker, Ikue Mori, Sylvie Courvoisier, Mark Feldman
Roulette 8 pm $25
Jonathan Moritz Secret Tempo with Shayna Dulberger, Mike Pride; W2+1: Sam Weinberg, Chris Welcome, Jaimie Branch
Rye 9, 10:15 pm
Black Locust: Margaret Glaspy, Kenny Wollesen, Flin van Hemmen, Jeff Davis, Eivind Opsvik SEEDS 9 pm

September 24 (Thursday)

CONCERT PICK! A Thousand Ancestors: Michelle Arcila/Eivind Opsvik
SEEDS 9 pm
Anthony Coleman 60th Birthday Concert with Survivors Breakfast, Tilt Sextet, Alexandria Smith, Geoff Landman, David Shively, Ted Reichman, Brian Chase, Brad Jones, Christopher Hoffman, Doug Wieselman, Marty Ehrlich, Sarah Hughes
Roulette 8 pm $25

September 25 (Friday)

CONCERT PICK! Evan Parker/Ned Rothenberg; Maxime Petit/Brandon Lopez
JACK 8 pm $15
CONCERT PICK! Ingrid Laubrock UBATUBA with Tim Berne, Ben Gerstein, Dan Peck, Tom Rainey
Cornelia Street Café 9, 10:30 pm $10
CONCERT PICK! Peter Evans Quintet with Ron Stabinsky, Tom Blancarte, Jim Black
The Stone 8 pm $20

September 26 (Saturday)

CONCERT PICK! Zebulon Trio: Peter Evans, John Hébert, Kassa Overall and guest David Bryant
The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
CONCERT PICK! Eivind Opsvik Overseas with Tony Malaby, Jacob Sacks, Brandon Seabrook, Kenny Wollesen SEEDS 9 pm
Nick Lyons Group; While We Still Have Bodies: Michael Foster, Ben Gerstein, Sean Ali, Flin van Hemmen; Michael Wimberly solo
Children’s Magical Garden 2, 3, 4 pm

September 27 (Sunday)

CONCERT PICK! House Special: Peter Evans, Levy Lorenzo, Paul Wilson, Sam Pluta, Kassa Overall
The Stone 8, 10 pm $15
John Zorn’s Bagatelles: Jon Irabagon Quartet with Matt Mitchell, Drew Gress, Nasheet Waits The Stone 3 pm $20
Andrew Lamb/Shayna Dulberger; Todd Nicholson/Newman Taylor Baker; Jonathan Finlayson/Brian Settles 6BC Garden 2, 3, 4 pm
Andrew Lamb/Andrew Drury JACK 8 pm $12
Maryanne de Prophetis/Adam Caine; Rocco John Iacovone Trio with François Grillot,
Gil Selinger; Bad Duets: Tim Hagans/Joe Hertenstein with guest Robin Verheyen
WhyNot Jazz Room 7, 8:30, 10 pm $12

September 28 (Monday)

FONT: Jaimie Branch’s Illionaires with Anthony Pirog, Jason Ajemian; Joe Moffett solo; Brandon Lewis Quartet with Ben Carr, Kevin Theodore, David Frazier, Jr.
Downtown Music Gallery 7 pm $10
Jacob Wick solo; Five Dollar Ferrari: Brad Henkel/Dustin Carlson
Delroy’s Cafe and Wine Bar 9, 10 pm $10

September 29 (Tuesday)

CONCERT PICK! The Thing: Mats Gustafsson, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Paal Nilssen-Love
Roulette 8 pm $25

September 30 (Wednesday)

Tony Malaby Group; Time Toss: Jarrett Gilgore, Liam Hurlbut, Alex Weber, Sam Balcom
Rye 9, 10:15 pm
Tom Chang Quintet with Quinsin Nachoff, Jeremy Powell, Sam Minaie, Ziv Ravitz
Cornelia Street Café 8:30 pm $10
BERLINYC: Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic, Devin Gray and guest
Bar Chord 9 pm

Setola di Maiale New Releases

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Gino Robair
Gino Robair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Source: setola di maiale.

Magimc (Edoardo Marraffa, Thollem Mcdonas, Stefano Giust)
Area Sismica

Sabu Toyozumi / Luc Bouquet / Jean-michel Van Schouwburg

Massimo de Mattia

Ghost Trio (Marco Colonna, Sivia Bolognesi, Ivano Nardi)

Musimprop (Massimo Falascone, Roberto Del Piano, Paolo Falascone, Filippo Monico / Angelo Contini, Edoardo Ricci, Stefano Bartolini, Giancarlo ‘Nino’ Locatelli)
Unissued 91-92

Massa Sonora Concentrata (Gioele Tolu, Stefano Muscas / Alessandro Seravalle, Tiziano Milani, Gino Robair, Massimo Discepoli, Davide Merlino)

Sureau (Jean-michel Van Schouwburg, Jean Demey, Kris Vanderstraeten)

Mauro Basilio / Fabrizio Bozzi Fenu / Paolo Sanna
Le Point Triple DE L’eau