March at Cafe OTO

Joëlle Léandre at Cornelia street cafe Photo: ...

Joëlle Léandre 

From London’s Cafe OTO:

28 February – 1 March 2015
Alan Courtis – Two Day Residency

Monday 2 March 2015, 6.30pm
Sébastien Cirotteau / Steve Noble / Tim Fairhall / Guillaume Viltard
£5 Door Only

Monday 2 March 2015, 8pm
Kraus + Floris Vanhoof
£12 £10 Advance £8 Members

Tuesday 3 March 2015, 8pm
Kammer Klang – Beasts and Beauties:
Georgia Rodgers + Beat Furrer + Juliet Fraser + Mark Knoop + Oren Marshell + Fresh Klang by the Hermes Experiment
£9 £7 (Wegottickets)

Wednesday 4 March 2015, 8pm
Jone Takamäki
£12 £10 Advance £8 Members

Thursday 5 March 2015, 8pm
Senufo Editions Present:
Luciano Maggiore + Enrico Malatesta + Adam Asnan
£10 £8 Advance £6 Members

Friday 6 March 2015, 8pm
Cordyceps Is your Friend:
Time Attendant + Lake of Snakes + Aqua Dentata + Jecklin + Grapefruits + Laid Eyes (Film) + Tartaruga Records (DJ)
£5 £4 Advance £3 Members

7–8 March 2015
Hear Here!
Lisa Ullén / Sofia Jernberg / David Stackenäs / Ida Lundén / Nina DE Heney + Guests: Ute Kanngiesser / Seymour Wright

Saturday 7 March 2015, 8pm
Cøv (Alex Smoke + Florence to) + H
£12 £10 Advance £8 Members

Sunday 8 March 2015, 3.30pm
the Music of Robert Ashley, for Two Or More Voices – Afternoon Event
£5 £4 Advance £3 Members

Monday 9 March 2015, 8pm
Haco + Tonic Train (Knut Aufermann + Sarah Washington) + Mobile Radio Band
£10 £8 Advance £6 Members

Tuesday 10 March 2015, 8pm
James Chance &Amp; Les Contortions + Cynthia
£15 £12 Advance £10 Members

Wednesday 11 March 2015, 8pm
“Going in a Circle, at Least Not Going in a Circle”
Guillaume Viltard (Bass) &Amp; Seymour Wright (Sax) with Steve Noble (Drums)
£10 £8 Advance £6 Members

Thursday 12 March 2015, 8pm
Zun Zun Egui
£13 £10.15 (Songkick)

Friday 13 March 2015, 8pm
Eugene Chadbourne (Solo)
£10 £8 Advance £7 Members

Sunday 15 March 2015, 8pm
Akio Suzuki &Amp; Aki Onda
£12 £10 Advance £8 Members

Monday 16 March 2015, 8pm
Taku Sugimoto &Amp; Guests
£12 £10 Advance £8 Members

17–18 March 2015
Joëlle Léandre – Two Day Residency with Maggie Nicols + Roger Turner

Thursday 19 March 2015, 8pm
‘Unpredictable’ Fundraiser with Steve Beresford + Okkyung Lee + David Toop + Terry Day + Max Eastley + More
£10 £8 Advance £6 Members

20–21 March 2015
Marc Ribot (Solo) – Two Day Residency

21–22 March 2015
S.l.á.t.u.r. – Two Day Residency

Monday 23 March 2015, 8pm
Ballister (Paal Nilssen-love / Fred Lonberg-holm / Dave Rempis)
£12 £10 Advance £8 Members

Tuesday 24 March 2015, 7.30pm
the Quietus &Amp; Cafe Oto Present:
an Evening with Frisk Frugt
£10 £8 Advance £6 Members

Wednesday 25 March 2015, 8pm
Suishou No Fune
£10 £8 Advance £6 Members

28 March 2015, 11am–4pm
Ewa Justka – Voice Odder Workshop
£55 £50 Advance £45 Members

Saturday 28 March 2015, 8pm
Sacred Paws – Ep Launch Show
£6 £5 Advance £2 Members

Sunday 29 March 2015, 8pm
Salvatore Sciarrino: Codex Purpureus
£10 £8 Advance £6 Members

Monday 30 March 2015, 8pm
Rodrigo Amado Motion Trio with Peter Evans

Chicago rock influenced by AACM

English: Art Ensemble of Chicago, New Jazz Fes...

Art Ensemble of Chicago, 

From the Chicago Tribune:

Though it may not be immediately apparent, the boundary-crashing mindset and bold open-minded attitude of the AACM and its multitude of undaunted voices — the Art Ensemble of Chicago, 8 Bold Souls, Fred Anderson, Air, Anthony Braxton, and dozens more — had a profound effect on the city’s underground rock scene. Bands and artists such as Tortoise, the Flying Luttenbachers, Cheer-Accident, Isotope, the DK3, Liquid Soul, Ken Vandermark, Powerhouse Sound, Yakuza, Minsk and Jeff Parker have been blurring rock, jazz and the avant-garde for decades. In recent years, Chance the Rapper’s the Social Experiment and avant-metal band Bloodiest sustain the AACM spirit, whether they know it or not.

Talea Ensemble at EMPAC, March 13

English: Part of the front facade of the Exper...

Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center 

From Troy NY’s Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center:

Speicher, an evening-length concert work by German composer Enno Poppe, is a project that has been in development since 2008. Premiered at the Donaueschingen Festival in 2013 to widespread acclaim, Speicher pushes its 22 players to their interpretative and technical extremes. Complex rhythms, microtonal intonation, and nuanced textures combine together to create a rich and detailed work of ambitious scale and scope.

Enno Poppe’s music, which he summarizes as “dented nature,” grounds itself in compositional guidelines influenced by acoustics, biology, and mathematics. As his composition unfolds, he gradually disobeys his own rules, contorting material to create an unstable, constantly evolving, almost hallucinatory atmosphere of unexpected sounds.

Elliott Sharp, Either / Or at California State University, Fullerton Tonight and Tomorrow

English: Elliott Sharp live at Saalfelden 2009...

Elliott Sharp 

From Cal State Fullerton:

Either/Or chamber ensemble with composer/guitarist Elliott Sharp, mezzo-soprano Laurie Rubin, CSUF New Music Ensemble, and guest artist Jane Rigler
Saturday, February 28, 2015 at 8pm
Meng Concert Hall

Richard Carrick: Prisoner’s Cinema
CSUF New Music Ensemble and video projection

Pamela Madsen: Luminosity: The Passions of Marie Curie

Are you there?

Vessel: Each Life Converges

Either/Or with Laurie Rubin, mezzo-soprano

Elliot Sharp: Sylva Sylvarum
Either/Or, CSUF New Music Ensemble and video projection

New Music Festival
Sunday, March 1, 2015 • 2-6:30PM
Meng Concert Hall
Free to the public

Morton Feldman: For Philip Guston

Richard Carrick – piano
Margaret Lancaster – flute
David Shively- percussion

The performance of Feldman’s For Philip Guston by Either/Or has been hailed for its “musicianship – and endurance – at its finest, and composition at its most enduring and extraordinary.” Presented with generous support from MAMM, the work will be performed without interruption in an “open door” concert in Meng Hall, free and open to the public. The Sunday performance will be the crowning event of the weeklong festival dedicated to inter-arts collaboration and creativity.

AMN Reviews: Zmi – Fu-ne (Plop)

a1072343210_2Introducing the affectional miniatures of Zmi, who rides a gentle wind through the four seasons on her debut recording Fu-ne in search of a fifth. Her album cover resembles a classic, tea-hued Japanese picture scroll, her music a banner emblazoned with fresh, new notes. Alone at the piano, the crystalline air of the production allows each note a rare expressive freedom. Her compositions are simple but their delivery sincere and profound, each a steel violet, heart-shaped, delicately petalled but crafted to shine and last. Zmi wants to celebrate the winter, mourn its melting away as she rejoices in the arrival of spring, throw herself into the midst of the autumn festival. Pure uplift.

Stephen Fruitman

Chicago Scene: February 28 – March 14, 2015

English: Kent Kessler, moers festival 2010

Kent Kessler, 

This is a weekly overview live avant performances in the Chicago area.  Contact us if you’d like your shows listed.

Saturday, February 28th 2015

8:00PM at Graham Foundation (Madlener House), 4 W Burton Pl
Ma La Pert
Jennifer Walshe, Tony Conrad (RSVP, first come first served, doors at 7:30PM)

9:30PM at Constellation, 3111 N Western ($10)
Daniel Knox — record release
Homme : Sima Cunningham, Macie Stewart

Sunday, March 1st 2015

8:30PM at Constellation, 3111 N Western ($15-$10)
Fulcrum Point New Music Project
Stephen Burns, Ian Ding, Jeremy Ruthrauff — music by Gustavo Leone, Karen Tanaka, George Aperghis, Jacob TV, Timothy Page

9:00PM at The Owl, 2521 N Milwaukee, 773.235.5300
Mars Williams, Joshua Abrams, Avreeayl Ra
Monday, March 2nd 2015

7:30PM at Myopic Books, 1564 N Milwaukee, 773.862.4882 (Free)
Eric Leonardson, Michael Zerang

9:00PM at Beat Kitchen, 2100 W Belmont, 773.281.4444 (wheelchair-accessible)
Extraordinary Popular Delusions : Jim Baker, Mars Williams, Brian Sandstrom, Steve Hunt

Tuesday, March 3rd 2015

9:00PM at The Whistler, 2421 N Milwaukee (wheelchair-accessible)
Michael Zerang and The Blue Lights, with Mars Williams, Dave Rempis, Josh Berman, Kent Kessler

Saturday, March 7th 2015

8:30PM at Constellation, 3111 N Western (Free)
Steve Lehman, Cory Smythe

Sunday, March 8th 2015

9:00PM at The Owl, 2521 N Milwaukee, 773.235.5300
Dave Rempis, Joshua Abrams, Avreeayl Ra

Monday, March 9th 2015

9:00PM at Beat Kitchen, 2100 W Belmont, 773.281.4444 (wheelchair-accessible)
Extraordinary Popular Delusions : Jim Baker, Mars Williams, Brian Sandstrom, Steve Hunt

Tuesday, March 10th 2015

9:00PM at The Whistler, 2421 N Milwaukee (wheelchair-accessible)
Michael Zerang and The Blue Lights, with Mars Williams, Dave Rempis, Josh Berman, Kent Kessler

Wednesday, March 11th 2015

8:30PM at Beat Kitchen, 2100 W Belmont, 773.281.4444 (wheelchair-accessible)
Splice Series
Peter Maunu, Albert Wildeman, Reid Karris, Danny Van Duerm

9:30PM at Constellation, 3111 N Western (Free)
Hanami Quartet : Andrew Trim, Mai Sugimoto, Jason Stein, Charles Rumback
Sound Of The City Workshop

Friday, March 13th 2015

8:30PM at No Nation, 1542 N Milwaukee, 2nd Fl, 773.790.7810
Vox Arcana : Tim Daisy, Fred Lonberg-Holm, James Falzone

Saturday, March 14th 2015

After-Hours Jazz Jam Session hosted by The Green Mill Quartet : Eric Schneider, Dennis Luxion, Steven Hashimoto, Rick Shandling
7:00PM at the Rhythm Room, 1715 Maple Ave, Evanston IL, 847.491.9723 (Free)
Jimmy Bennington Colour And Sound Trio

8:00PM at Experimental Sound Studio, 5925 N Ravenswood, 773.769.1069 ($10, or $30 series pass)
Outer Ear 2015
Becky Grajeda

For more information, such as directions, as well as upcoming performances, see:,,,,,,,,,,,,