Newsbits: Takase & von Schlippenbach Album Reviewed / Denver Shows Reviewed / RIP David Wessel / Paul Dresher

Alexander von Schlippenbach

Cover of Alexander von Schlippenbach

The new CD from Aki Takase and Alexander von Schlippenbach is reviewed.

Two recent weird music shows in Denver are reviewed here and here.

Eclectic composer and Berkeley professor David Wessel has passed away.

Paul Dresher is interviewed.

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Vital Weekly 953

From Vital Weekly:

Gil Sanson &Amp; Bruno Duplant – Blank (Cd by Mystery Sea) *
Thibault Jehanne – Eskifjorour (Cd by Kaon) *
Giulio Aldinucci – Aer (Cd by Dronarivm) *
Martin Bresnick – Prayers Remain Forever (Cd by Starkland) *
Valerio Cosi – Plays Popol Vuh (Lp by Dreamsheep)
Nadine Byrne – a Different Gesture (Lp by Ideal Recordings)
Sparkle in Grey – the Calender (Cd and Booklet by Lizard Records, Under My Bed, Old Bicycle and Moving Records &Amp; Comics)
Anders Brørby – Nocturnal Phases (Cdr by Feral Delight) *
Smitten – Chemiefaserwerk (3″cdr by Sart Label) *
18qm – Nontron (Cassette, Private)
18qm – Le Grau (Cassette, Private)
Imf – the Realness (Cassette, Private)
Anne Laplatine – Selected Internet (Cassette by Powdered Hearts Records)
Sack Und Sheffield (Cassette by Powdered Hearts Records)
Adeodat Warfield – Car Jams ’14 (Cassette by Powdered Hearts Records)
Kordik &Amp; Lucas – Brushed and Crushed (Cassette by Earshots)
Vm – Rogge (Download by Blowpipe)

Cellist-Composer Okkyung Lee’s ‘The Crow Flew After Yi Sang’ Reviewed

Okkyung Lee

Cover of Okkyung Lee

The latest release from Okkyung Lee garners a lengthy review:

Since her first release in 2005, cellist and composer Okkyung Lee has quickly positioned herself as one of the premier Korean purveyors of avant-garde classical music. To the uninitiated listener, Okkyung’s recordings may at first appear obtuse to the point of being unapproachable. They weave seamlessly between harsh sound and lithe sonority, between true noise and genuine music.

AKOUSMA @EMPAC on November 1

English: East Entrance of the Experimental Med...

East Entrance of the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center

From Troy, New York’s Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center:

An acousmatic music performance in the open spaces of EMPAC highlighting the best works from the annual AKOUSMA festival in Montréal, Quebec. Known as “cinema for the ear,” acousmatic music is a compositional form traditionally presented in the dark to help focus and intensify the audience’s sense of hearing. In this performance, EMPAC will be appointed with dozens of specially placed loudspeakers while the audience is seated throughout the building’s lobby and the public hallways across its nine floors. Composers and performers will jointly manipulate their pieces in real-time, creating an all-encompassing aura as electronic sound moves throughout the building.

This event will include performances by Adam Basanta (CA), Olivia Block (US), Gilles Gobeil (CA), Seth Nehil (US), and Louis Dufort (CA).

Seth Nehil makes sound for listening, performance, and installation. Over the last 15 years he has crafted a unique and unusual sonic world, mixing acoustic and electronic sources, field recordings, granular synthesis, and voice. He has released over 15 albums and has collaborated with dance companies, performers, and video artists.

Olivia Block creates original sound compositions for concerts, site-specific multi-speaker installations, live cinema, and performance. Her compositions often include field recordings, chamber instruments, and electronic textures. Block creates scores for large ensemble, string quartet, and orchestra. Her solo performances include partially improvised pieces for inside piano, electronics, and amplified objects, presented in a slow and deliberate gestural style that Steve Smith of the New York Times described recently as having “palpable sensations of volition and emotional involvement.” She also creates multimedia works for sounds and video.

Adam Basanta is an award-winning composer and media artist whose work traverses electroacoustic and instrumental composition, audiovisual installations, site-specific interventions, laptop performance, and dynamic light design. His work explores notions of listening and audiovisual perception, the re-animation of quotidian objects, and the articulation of site and space.

Gilles Gobeil has been focusing his work on acousmatic and mixed music since 1985. His works fall close to what is called “cinema for the ear.” Many of his pieces have been inspired by literary works and attempt to let us see through sound.

The music of Montréal composer Louis Dufort ranges from a cathartic form of expressionism mostly found in his early works to organicism focusing on the inner structure of sound matter in his latest works. Although he first developed his style through electroacoustic music, he quickly delved into mixed music and multimedia music, which drew attention from a number of extremely diverse Montréal-based organizations.